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  1. Hi Troy, Thanks so much for the tip and feedback! We did have to pay for the contest but 99designs (the host site) offers packages from $299-$1199. The good thing however, is the funds are not released until you choose a winning design. It worked out well for us.
  2. For Immediate Release: Not your typical relationship book- The New Princess Is A Man-How you ladies lost your crown and what you can do to get it back. Often referred to as the last relationship book you’ll ever need, The New Princess Is a Man introduces you to “The New Princess”-the guy who expects you to give him everything, while he gives his bare minimum. More specifically, he expects gifts and showers on his big day but doesn’t believe in the commercialized Valentine’s Day, commercialized mother’s day or pretty much any day you may “interpret” as your day. The authors examine what the reader is doing to attract the “New Princess” and what she can do to either improve her relationship or start over with a new perspective on healthy and equal partnerships. The book further explores this new role of these men at home and in the workplace and the role women play in molding them. Born in New York Ciity, all three sisters-Justina Olatunde Davis, Linda Olatunde Robinson and Olaitan Faith Olatunde -reside in Atlanta GA. Through their company Mschitchat, LLC, they published their book. As sisters, mothers, daughters and friends, it was important for them to get to the heart of why so many women find themselves “stuck” in unhappy relationships. The authors conducted numerous interviews with men who provided further insight into how the “New Princess” came about. They also collected a variety of short stories from women who share how they mastered conquering the princesses in their lives. The first in a series on “New Princess” literature and paraphernalia was released on 2/12/16. For more information about MsChitChat, LLC or to obtain a copy of The New Princess is a Man (TNPIAM) please visit www.thenewprincessisaman.com. Q&A Q: Who is The New Princess? A: A guy who is confused about his role as The Man, yet wants to be the de facto leader and decision maker in his family amidst his confusion. Q: Why Princess? A: The whole notion of the princess has been branded into the minds of women from before they were able to speak. The books, movies and stories of how we are the princess waiting for a prince charming to rescue us is the culture. We wanted to take that notion and turn it around because absolutely nothing about relationships resembles what’s been sold and commercialized to young women. Many men in fact believe they are the fairy tale.
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