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  1. You have the two book stores listed already. Mejah Books in Deleware, and Hakim's in Philadephia. Under Therone Shellman Media, they don't currently stock my titles, because we just had all of my book covers done over, and entered into Ingrams system. But, they're both open. Mejah, does signings. I've done quite a bit with them in the past. In regards to what can authors, who aren't good sales people do to sell books, without going hand to hand. The only option I see, is to sign with an established publisher (big or small). Or they're going to have to create a budget, for paid social medi
  2. @Cynique You spelled Is as IS. Maybe, you didn't notice the typo. Not for the intention of debate. @Troy I definately understand, what you've mentioned in regards to the closing of so many African American book stores. Many urban literature authors, benefited greatly from them. I personally, only dealt with four. Two of which, are still open. This being, because No Love Lost, is my only street literature, title. My first novel, Love Don't Live Here revised edition, is literary fiction. So I didn't have much success through Black Book Distributors. I then focused my efforts on, hand to han
  3. As a writer, and artist of other forms, I see the arts in general, especially the segment of the African American diaspora, as entering a whole new awakening. Since 2003, when I self published my first title, Love Don't Live Here I've seen the publishing world go through many fazes. Many new, and unexperienced AA writers, took not just the self publishing world by storm, but the whole punlishing industry. Over the years the whole industry has had to change, how they do things, and aclnowledge that, self publishing isn't a fad. It's here to stay. One of the things, I'm delighted to s
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