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  1. @Troy I understand and appreciate the insight. I am interested in any knowledge you have to share in this process. I understand the science of critique especially one that is followed by solutions. It is always welcomed. Here is a sample of my writing. Prologue Two Days after Bomani’s Funeral Max Million’s top female killer, the Kenya Moore body double, was found dead in his Harlem stash house. She was strangled with her own pantyhose, naked, and face down with her ass up. Whoever had done it completely dominated her and wanted it to be known. And then for further insult, all the
  2. @Troy All I have is this amazon.com/author/mallahdivinemallah , and my social media accounts: FB Mallah Divine Mallah, Mallah Divine, Instagram and Twitter. I am still building and learning.
  3. Mallah-Divine Mallah (author) The Hidden Hand:Duality of Self (Book) Published June 12, 2016 ISBN-13: 978-1532967375 Bomani resurfaces in a gentrified Bushwick after 10 years in a federal prison. He has a different focus that might bring him into direct conflict with his former crew GBK or the established remnants from the Civil Rights Era leadership. Under Max Million, GBK has grown into a national organization that has mastered the art of block pressure. He expects Bomani to take the underboss position. Bomani has learned things and seen things he cannot ig
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