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  1. Announcing Remembrance, a new series of novels based on the lives and legacies of the famed Harlem Hellfighters Band of World War I. The first of four books, Remembrance: ARRIVAL, will debut November 5, 2016. Interested in a review. Advance Praise for Remembrance: "Using letters, journal entries, and other non-traditional literary devices, H. Buchanan’s Remembrance is an anthropological dig of a tale that invokes Alice Walker, Kamau Brathwaite and John A Williams. It tells a tale that is heroic and magical. A love story, a war story, a story of persistence and grace, Remembrance takes readers back in time to the First World War and the famous all-black Harlem Hellfighters band and infantry in meticulous detail. It is a story steeped in African-American culture and history that never ceases to amaze with its ability to be both inspiring and uplifting." –Brian Gilmore, poet, columnist and author of elvis presley is alive and well and living in harlem
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