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  1. This is a tale...no..two tales..well the other is really a song, of things past. The first is heard most eloquently in the nostalgia elders ,as they speak of a time. A time when life was life..and death was ..well..Another life. When little children would gather around warm embers and be told in soft words of those gone before. Now they smile..Not hoping for this kind of death..But in a way happy ,happy that they can remember tales of when the wind whistled through stone walls..When the term "the destroyers" .."va Rozvi" ceased being a verb. Of how the Rozvi forged empires through plains of ignorance and placitude, ruling unquestioned with the spear. The other tale/song,… more a wail of mourning. A somber melody sung by a people who felled the giants of china and India..but was shattered on the plateau of Guru uswa. The Portuguese wail. But the elders felt the empire more..Telling of the Moyo journey N.E.W and South spreading their philosophies. They ruled because of the spear and also because they were cunning. The Rozvi said to themselves; "WE ARE MIGHTY(!) IN WAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!" .........."BUT MIGHT THERE COME A TIME WHEN WE ARE SO NO LONGER?"..."WILL WE NOT LOSE ALL THAT WE HAVE GAINED?"..."BUT WE ARE ALSO INTELLIGENT", "THIS IS WHAT WE'LL DO" "WE WILL FORCE(!) INTO THE minds OF THE other clans THAT WE ARE GODS","THIS WAY everyone else WILL BE LOWER THAN THE WEAKEST MOYO INeveryone else’s mind".(Ha!..see what i mean). This was the invention of propaganda in southern Africa, one among many inventions the Rozvi had made. Then...almost as if it was prophecy..the Rozvi saw..there was no longer any need to be militarily strong."WILL WE NOT STILL RULE?..ARE WE NOT GODS?" Slowly the rozvi ceded their right to rule from that of the spear to that of the cloth. Then ..something happened ,..there was turmoil in Zulu land..an offshoot of the Nguni had reached Guru uswa. These men knew No(!) god but NKULUNKULU . They saw no divinity in US. Then, this is the irony the Nguni used the *exact* same military tactics ,penned so emotionally in the Portuguese wail..in the middle of the verse that starts with.." weeeee should not eeeeeeven have thoooought of iiiiit” ,to defeat the Rozvi. The Rozvi had forgotten themselves.
  2. Greetings.For a moment your silliness has infringed on my consciousness .Can you feel it? My glorious mind impinging on a pathetic anorexic excuse of yours.Apart from your causes you are *nothing*. You and your apish mind are evidence of evolution. I am PROOF there is a God. What else but an omnipotent , benevolent being would allow sublime symmetry and beauty to grace you? You *are* your causes. Watch as i add one more. See how you are, As your adrenalin ,anxiety ,your primitive secondary nervous system goes into overdrive. You feel it don't you? Yes that's it. How your muscles twitch as you get into your primitive animalistic flight or fight mode. Your simple neurotransmitters clashing with synaptic clefts,in a crescendo..a coven of dissonant misschords. You ache to lash out at me, itching to get a word back..itching to cause. But you are also very stupid! Don't you know i feed off whatever energy you give?Whilst also not caring at all? While *you* move ,hoping I will be offended ,to lash back.. hoping to get some sense of existential satisfaction. Now i will leave you. Your silliness has lost its novelty.You can go on to your pathetic existence now. To your world of being caused . Your being changing with each new cause; morphing ...a myriad of ape like appearances. Who am i? Your silliness gets me one more time. How could you ever hope to see. But perhaps you can? You know me ...know me when you get the feeling of dejavu, when you see the glorious sun burst into a new day. In the shimmering stars of silence. I will tell you .But a word , concepts will only escape you. MOYO.
  3. You of the Moyo clan, do you know who you are? Have you not parted multitudes with the rod of the spear? Have you not ruled longer (through the mutapa's) for a thousand years? Longer than any other royal family on the face of this planet save the Japanese emperor . Do you and your vassals not have a great tradition of literature in the form of nhetembo (praise poetry)? Do you not have the only musical instrument in black Africa to have a scale, is not the concept of the musical chord alien to the African mind but yours? Did you not have a 10 day week to rule over time where the rest of Africa moved by sight , depending on the emotions of the moon. What audacity that you be called "Dewa" (god), that at the stretch of your hand you might reach the heavens, to cause celestial bodies to fall, that Mambo should not eat if it not be on a plate made out of the moon.' Was Mambo not forced to speak behind a veil of white sheet when he addressed his subjects , lest they see him and be stricken. Was there not a university at Dzimbabgwe where all the legitimate sons of you vassal chiefs were raised and educated. Oh how reality twists and turns in agony, aching to watch you move. A kaleidoscope of ontologies your being. But alas(!) it is all futility, echoes of praise fit for nothing more than your shadow..... .................................................Moyo!?!?..................Who *are* you? <confused>
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