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  1. I'm requesting a review of my debut YA verse novel, Running Away to Home. Thank you! About the Book How do you find your way home when your home no longer exists? For 17-year old twin sisters Sammy and Ronnie and their father, Willis, the answer to that question becomes a life raft when they are displaced after Hurricane Katrina. Identity….Fear….Family Running Away to Home, a YA verse novel, tells the story of two brave sisters, a repentant father, and the amazing triumphant spirit of familial love. Loss.…Memory….Family After leaving New Orleans for Atlanta, Ronnie and Sammie are separated and find themselves living in different parts of the city. Each sister is lured by false promises of love and security as they initially believe the people they encounter. Love….Change….Family As a YA verse novel, this story relies on poetry to express the intimacy of sisterhood and the triumphant spirit of its characters. Older YA readers will be moved by this family’s journey in the wake of one of the most memorable historical events our nation has experienced. Spirit….Strength….Family About the Author Lita Hooper is a poet and YA author. She teaches writing and designs online courses. Her love of photography and yoga have led to surprising discoveries and lots of travel. She has one husband, three teenagers, a dog, and an insatiable appetite for fish tacos. : Fate and faith tangle with coincidence, conspiracy and the cataclysm of Hurricane Katrina in Lita Hooper’s exciting Running Away to Home, where a family’s life and sense of self and community is rearranged like cheap furniture in the ravenous wake of nature and neglect. Evacuation and displacement uproot twin daughters from their careless father battling the bottle, haunted by his wife’s sudden death. The two girls (and their distressed father), torn from one another by bureaucracy and the “quiet thief” of water, attempt to make it back to each other in the midst of another storm brewing—of sex, sin and pseudo-salvation to turn them asunder. Lita Hooper’s masterful meditation on family, Running Away to Home, shows us that man-made disasters can be just as ruinous as natural ones, and that hurricanes may take away one’s home with sudden, sweeping, devastating force, but they will never take away one’s humanity—for that is where the heart is. —Tony Medina, author of The President Looks Like Me & Other Poems Running Away to Home is a riveting page turner that will keep you engaged from beginning to end--no matter your age. Hooper skillfully uses poetry to give voice to the survivors of storms whose experiences deserve amplification. You will be moved. —Samantha Thornhill, author of Odetta: Queen of Folk Release: August 30, 2016 Brave Books www.BraveBooks.net www.litahooper.com 978-0-9971996-7-3 $13.95 Distributed by INGRAM Media Contact: antoinette.gard3@gmail.com
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