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  1. 11/20/18 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Jem McBride E-MAIL : info@afrocentricbooks.com When gods bicker like mortals … “We bicker for much higher stakes.” — The God of War (Queen of Zazzau) 4-Stars “One very fiery female warrior riding into battle and standing strong in the heat of combat.” NetGalley Reviews 5-Stars “A smashing tale of war, love, magic and gods, with seriously strong female characters.” Ragdoll Reads, UK APEX, N.C. — J.S. Emuakpor’s debut novel, set in precolonial West Africa against a backdrop of
  2. Afrocentric Books, a brand new publisher of fiction featuring characters of African descent, has released its first novel! We present twelve tales that will transport you from Regency England to post-Apocalyptic Africa. From the lofty branches of a mythical tree to the depths of the underworld, Afromyth explores fantastical worlds through the eyes of characters of indigenous African descent. Meet men who transform into lions and women who transform into birds. Sea creatures, witches, falling stars, fallen gods, and a leprechaun in Alabama. Each story promises an Afrocentric theme,
  3. I would if we had any, Troy. Afrocentric Books is a brand new publisher. We have one title in the pipeline and are currently taking submissions.
  4. Afrocentric Books is a publisher of fiction featuring characters of African descent. We are a small press that is bent on changing the racial status quo in literature, particularly in Speculative Fiction. Surely white people aren't the only ones living on alien planets or facing down dragons with a sword in one hand and a flaming ball of magic in the other? We require at least one main character (not a secondary character, not a loveable sidekick, not an important supporting character; a MAIN character--hero or heroine) to be of African descent. We live in a diverse world and we
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