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  1. Hi Troy, thanks for responding, and for the link with the cover image. It does appear in the print version. The review is dated 4/30/2018, so I imagine it would be in that issue, although I haven't picked up a copy yet. I intend to once I've confirmed it's the right issue.
  2. Sorry -- I meant to log in for the above post -- which I have now done.
  3. No problem. Thanks for linking to my website!
  4. Hi Troy, Great! Thanks for the link! I do have a website. It's www.catachreses.com -- I've now updated the links to my book on my website with your AALBC link. Thanks also for keeping me in mind for a book review! I'd definitely be honored to have the privilege! Whit
  5. Hi all, Just replying to this previous message of mine with a now approved account. (So you can see my face!) Also, wanted to let folks know the ebook for the novel is free on Amazon until Wednesday (November 23rd). Just pop over to Amazon with the aalbc amazon link: http://aalbc.it/supportaalbc and type in "freewheeling jazz" or "whit frazier" and it will be the first hit. Thanks again! Whit
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