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  1. (bad link removed) Throughout the history of the internet, Messageboards have been one of the foundational tools people have used to connect with like-minded individuals on the web from all over the world. They have stood the test time, predating the AOL Craze, Myspace, and lasting into what we know as the current generation of Social Media with Powerhouses like Facebook and Twitter. The ability for Online-Forums to last so long is the need for people to have meaningful discussions with a form of depth and anonymity that other forms of Social Media cannot not provide. While the heyde
  2. Much love to you brother troy. I opened my site www.theblack-board.com less than a year ago and am honored to see it mentioned in here. I can attest to a lot of the issues you bring forth in this discussion, it seems only gossip and fluff articles attract large number of views, and a large majority of Black people unfortunately seem uninterested in discussing real Black Issues. I am thinking the climate of today's culture will change this. I recently relaunched the news portion of my site and aim to focus on substantial issues and not the reality-TV obsessed content you see at any of thes
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