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  1. Now more than ever, black men need reasons for optimism and hope for the future. Where do they turn for support and empowerment when they are constantly bombarded with so much negativity and disempowerment? Despite the current racial climate, I believe black men are positioned to experience unprecedented levels of success in society today. Do not believe the hype of the negative media, every black man is capable of living an extraordinary life if he so chooses. What has been missing is a powerful and positive resource that provides insights and strategies th
  2. Discover the secrets of thriving as a black male in a world that is rigged against you with this definitive guide to self-improvement for black men! Do you often find yourself despairing at the abysmal and "doom-and-gloom" statistics of black men? Are you tired of being forced to conform to noxious societal labels and subscribe to stereotypes that don't serve your ultimate purpose and goals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this guide might just be what you need. In this powerful guide, Michael Taylor, an accomplished life coach and entrepreneur, shows you how
  3. You've made a very important point. Sometimes the greatest obstacle we have to face is the conversation in our own heads. Too many times a person will talk themselves out of doing something because of what they think might happen. If we've experienced any type of threat we create a defense mechanism to try and avoid that threat even when no real threat exists. This is the reason changing our inner narrative is so important. Our inner thoughts about ourselves and the world around us creates our outer experiences. Changing our mindsets is the key to to overcoming the negative media generated nar
  4. We are all aware of the mainstream media's negative narrative about black men. We are constantly bombarded with stories of high incarceration rates, black on black violence, deadbeat dads and of course police brutality. From the outside looking in it appears that black men are destined for failure and there is nothing that can be done to change the implied negative trajectory that black men are on. But is the media's narrative true? Are black men really an endangered species? I believe the answer is an emphatic no and I have made it my life's to work to support and empower black men to overcom
  5. Thanks for updating my profile! www.shatteringblackmalestereotypes.com is the official site address. 978-0996948760 (The New Face Of Entrepreneurship) 978-0996948722 (Lessons From A Gathering Of Men)
  6. "Michael Taylor’s book is written for those who feel that they are being held back from pursuing their dream because of negative literature and a culture that tend to be more pessimistic than supportive. In this book, he presents a road map to success and offers a step-by-step guide on building a business. The writing is strong, the voice confident, and the message filled with insights that enlighten and wake readers up to face their lives with courage and boldness. The New Face of Entrepreneurship: An Entrepreneurs Guide to Joy, Passion and Profits in Business is about acquiring the right min
  7. So my question to you is why does "black media" also focus primarily on negative news? Why do we still share stories that degrade us and put us down instead of stories that lift us up? No matter what good we do or experience we still hold on to this victim mentality that America or white people are holding us down. Why do people like myself get accused of being a sellout simply because of my optimism? Everyone is entitled to their opinion and here is mine. There has never been a better time to be alive on this planet than right now. I believe despite the obvious challenges, black men are posit
  8. I have to agree with Cynique. Although the impact of his protest may not be immediately apparent, his protest impacted the consciousness of this country in profound ways. It brought awareness to some very basic facts. There are still lots of people who are racists, our government isn't capable of addressing racial issues and our current president is absolutely clueless when it comes to race relations. But I still believe in the goodness of people and I still believe in this country. As an optimist, I believe his protest actually accomplished his goal of bringing awareness to the issue
  9. It’s been approximately two years since Colin Kaepernick decided not to stand for the national anthem to bring awareness and to protest against police brutality. His peaceful protest has garnered support and criticism from people of all races and political affiliations around the world and it has definitely shined the light on the issue of race here in America. In an effort to keep NFL protesters from following in Colin’s footsteps, the NFL recently implemented a new policy that condemns players from protesting from the sidelines during the national anthem. The league will is
  10. Thanks Troy, I do appreciate it! BTW, would you be interested in being a part of my upcoming summit? It would be a 30-45 minute video interview and it would be a great opportunity to promote AALBC. Shoot me an email to mtaylor@coachmichaeltaylor.com and we can set up a time to chat if you're interested.
  11. What is the key to empowering black men to live extraordinary lives? After more than 25 years of research I have concluded that waking black men up from the ten most negative media generated illusions about black men is the answer. We are all aware of racism, discrimination, police brutality and an unfair justice system that disproportionately incarcerates men of color. But are we aware of the multitude of limiting beliefs that we hold on to that keep us from succeeding? What if it were these limiting beliefs that were actually keeping us from living extraordinary lives? If this were true woul
  12. I would love to get your feedback on my book Black Men Rock. Would you be willing to do a review? I will gladly forward you a copy. Digital or paperback.
  13. To be completely honest I forgot about your site. I did an Internet search for African American book reviewers and your site came up, then I remembered submitting my very first book with you. Thanks for updating my page. I noticed that the image for my book; Brothers Are You Listening is the wrong cover. I'm working with Amazon to correct it. I'm attaching the correct cover if you can replace it. In regards to your question, I do not believe there is such a thing as death, there is only transition. I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience instead of a human being havin
  14. That is the reason I write and speak. I share my truth with others to allow them to come to their own truth and understanding. People who reject my ideas and philosophies are entitled to their opinion, however, as an author and thought leader I make it a point to share my beliefs with anyone who is open minded enough to listen. I truly enjoy engaging with people who disagree with me because I am so grounded in my own truth that I cannot be swayed from what I deeply believe in my heart. This doesn't mean that I'm not open to being wrong, I am definitely open, but I know who I am and I'm comfort
  15. If you pay attention to our media you may have concluded that there is a black male crisis in America. We are constantly inundated with images of black men as lazy, irresponsible thugs, deadbeat dads and "playas" who only think about listening to rap music, chasing women and blaming society for their failures. But is this the only reality for black men? Are black men really an endangered species? Contrary to negative media generated stereotypes it is my belief that there is no black male crisis and the future for black men is actually bright with lots of reasons for optimism. For some, th
  16. I truly enjoy engaging with readers and potential readers of my work. My work focuses on creating a new paradigm of masculinity which transcends race, yet in most cases I am accused of not being in touch with my "blackness" because I do not make race an issue. I am well aware of the challenges facing men of color and I'm not opposed to talking about race, however, my optimistic attitude and perception about black men is often met with opposition and rejection. My work speaks for itself. I am committed to empowering men to reach their full potential and for men who are ready to do so my work is
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