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  1. Hello... My name is Jessica Potts and my firm represents Isha Johnson, author of No Greater Love, No Greater Loss. (ISBN13: 978-0692694657) published April 22, 2016. I would like for her book to be considered for review. Her mission is to help one other person who may have gone through a tragedy. No Greater Love, No Greater Loss is Isha Johnson’s captivating journey of losing her child at the hands of a loved one. Johnson invites the reader to experience her struggles with depression, grief after the accident, and her battle with guilt and self worth. Throughout the book the reader is able to identify with Johnson, as she taps into her courage and resilience to regain the strength to start living life again. “Oh, God... Baby! Wake Up.” As I picked him up, I realized my sweet little toddler was stiff as a board. His tiny pink tongue hung awkwardly from his mouth and toward the side of his soft, little cheek...” Johnson, an African American writer, mother, entrepreneur, and speaker is passionate about helping others who have been struck by tragedy. The focus of her debut book is to help women who have lost a child and are feeling hopeless and desperately seeking guidance. “I published this book in the hopes that I would help just one person.