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  1. Thank you so much, Troy. You are correct, there was not a lot of media coverage on the flood that happened in Baton Rouge last year. Which was sad because it was almost as big as Hurricane Katrina. Professor Nero definitely knows his share of all these subjects he had us discussing and he is an advocate for putting things out that most are scared to reveal. I am really excited about this project. We will be at the Book Expo in New York on next week to promote it!
  2. When Professor Clarence Nero and his teaching colleagues walked into their classrooms for the first time after the tumultuous summer of 2016—a summer that in Baton Rouge had seen the murders of Alton Sterling and innocent police officers as well as a vast and historic flood—they had no idea what to expect from students. This wasn’t any ordinary semester at Baton Rouge Community College. Many enrolled students had lost their homes due to flooding; most were still reeling from the shootings and the subsequent protests and riots that rocked the capital city. There were students who had been traum
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