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  1. Thank you. the funny thing is I didn't know how interesting until I started researching. I do discuss DNA some but for the most part it is about following the paper trail and helping others who are searching for their families.
  2. Please consider my book, Comes to The Light: Learning About the Entangled Families of Edgefield, South Carolina for review. Released on September 21, 2017 (ISBN-13: 978-1975649951). Edgefield, South Carolina was the best kept secret in American History. Well that was until a woman by the name of Donya Williams became interested in her personal family history. In the new book, Comes to The Light: Learning About the Entangled Families of Edgefield, South Carolina Donya reveals how she learned an entire county just may be related to each other and realizes that her interest in politics didn't just come from her uncles. Join Donya as she takes you on the journey of learning how to research your family by telling her stories of ups and downs. Follow along as she shares how Genealogy pulled her in and helped traces her family history from now all the way back to the American Revolution. Donya will share stories of family members who experienced slavery in every form, from breeders to free people of color, and persevere despite the many obstacles that was laid before them. And finally follow her as she looks in several old newspapers dating back to the 1880s to find her cousin John Yeldell on trial for murder. Is he found guilty? Comes to the light is a jaw dropping yet informational book about how African American families survived from the early slave days straight through the Jim Crow era. For more information visit: https://comestothelightlat.wixsite.com/comestothelight
  3. Coming in October - Comes to The Light: Learning About the Entangled Families of Edgefield, South Carolina began as a chapter in a book collaboration and grew into a 62,000 word novel. Historical Non-Fiction and American Social History author Donya Williams shares the background of her immediate family’s history. "It's a history I did not know until I became a genealogist. The more I learned about my family history, the more I realized that the story - and the history that I was uncovering - could relate to many African Americans and their ancestors - particularly the struggles our ancestors faced to enable their descendants to become the people they are today. Excitedly, I discovered one direct ancestor who has the potential to connect millions of Americans from different ethnic groups, faiths, and walks of life." To learn more about the Author and her most recent project check out the author at https://comestothelightlat.wixsite.com/comestothelight
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