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  1. I will definitely consider this @Mel Hopkins although I have never done a blog, but I think these are very good ideas!
  2. @Mel Hopkins I agree...I felt the same way. It's always good to get some other input. It can just be difficult trying to get traffic to your site or give people a reason to visit it. But I will continue grinding. My book is inspired by the Sean Bell shooting; a wife becomes a vigilante after police kill her husband on their wedding night. Hope you'll visit the site and get a copy! http://www.class5incorporated.com Glad to be a part of the discussion!
  3. Well in B&N's case they have a three month process in which they review your book, and if they want to carry it they will purchase from your distributors at a maximum of 50% of the sales price. Amazon's way is a little different - you pretty much set it up online for print on demand. But I would be making like ten percent of the sales price, but I may move more than I'm moving now on foot. Should I wait it out and keep grinding or diversify?
  4. My novel is in print. I have been selling it at expos and through my website, and I've also been doing radio shows and signings locally. I've been getting great reviews, (people say they can't put it down) but I need more exposure. Was considering and agreement with Barnes and Noble as well as the Amazon thing, but sometimes I think I can do better on my own. Here is the cover of my book.
  5. Hello! My name is A.J. Williams, an actor, director, and playwright new to the site and the thread! I am also an author who has released his first novel last year, and I have been doing signings and promoting my website on social media but I'm still looking for different ways to expand. Also weighing the benefits of Amazon against selling on my own!
  6. Have we forgotten the fallen? Many people have asked me since I've been promoting my novel why I wrote the book, and what I hoped to achieve. I realized that we are so awash with these stories in the news of police killing our young men, women, and children for so long that it has become the norm for many. Even when speeches are given or books are written, they only serve to tell us what we already know - the lives of the fallen or details of their killing. I wanted to examine these tragedies from a different angle. What if they killed someone and their surviving relative was ready to go to war? What if there was an organization who made the police as afraid of it as we are of them? What if they didn't know who it's leader was, (as they always neutralize the leader of any black organization once they find him) and they didn't know how to stop them? What would that look like? Art has a way of changing the conversation about things we already know are wrong. Please check out my book, Flame of Retribution, released by Nation of Flame Publishing. I hope people will continue to support the book as I continue the series - there is plenty more to come, so stay tuned. .http://www.class5incorporated.com
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