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  1. Right on Brother Troy, right on! Bad treatment of Cushite (Black) women in our community seems to be at an epidemic level. I do not know where it's all coming from but much of that disrespect seems to be coming from the sisters not respecting themselves (which by the way does not give any brother the right to disrespect any sister). Too many of our men and women take more pride in being a sexual toy than they do in academic achievements. Sexual prowess seems to trump self respect every time, in this current society. Too many of our women no longer believe their sexuality is something to
  2. As a people I think we need to develop more mentorship relationships between our adults and our youth. But let's not blame the young because the adults are supposed to lead the way.. It's an up hill battle due to all the non sense that is fed to our people's minds through movies, television, loose morals, etc. I wish marriage could instantly turn a "player" into a responsible man but that is not that case he has to be a resposible man already. I have found that brothers(actually all men in general) will do almost anything to attract the woman they want. I have seen brother pull their pan
  3. I believe the issue of sex has to go deeper than just putting on a condom. I believe sisters should get a commitment before sex. Our women are beautiful people and should be treated with the utmost respect.Brothers should be willing to be responsible for the sister they want to have sex with.Sisters should respect themselves more. Sisters don't be a rest stop be the destination. If you're not his destination tell him to keep movin'. Ladies your private parts aren't a playground but a sacred place but in order to get respect from brothers you must respecr self first. Many brothers will wear a c
  4. As Marcus Garvey (a Christian) and Malcolm X (a Muslim) have taught us disunity in our community transends religion.Self hatred (which also manifests as disunity) is the reason why many "Black" Christians are so Eurocentric and why so many "Black" Muslims are Arabcentric. It is also the root cause behind so many of our people are blonding their hair, wearing their pants half way down, and useing their body as if it were an amusement park.
  5. I think that is the usual thinking of that part of America, I'm not too concerned about Mitt thinks about anything.However I am very concerned with what we think of ourselves. We have regressed in our pride as a people. Look at our people blonding our hair, wearing our pants half way down and our embracing the N word. It is pass time for us to reclaim our dignity and pride as a people. Romney is a non issue if we resepect ourselves.
  6. The vast majority of the "church" opposition that the President is getting is coming from Catholic Bishops, not that some Cushite (Black) religious leaders aren't against it. Most of the religious opposition is actually poltical opposition (Catholics and Evangelicals). It's not difficult to see through their thin mask-they want him out by any means necessary. The President is only making sure that womemn get the birth control they want by making sure it is offered to them but he is not forcing it upon them. If anyone rejects to women being offered birth control then they should inspire women n
  7. I think that is high time that we "Black" people free our minds of this Messiah mentality we hang on to. Too many of us are still looking for one of us to do for millions of us what millions of us should be doing for ourselves. Why do so many of us seem so dissappointed with Obama as if he was supposed to the perfect "Black"man? Are any of us perfect? Besides how well would any of us do in his seat? Remember the President of a country is supposed to look out for all the citizens of that country, even if they do not look like him. Considering all that has been thrown at him plus the lack of hel
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