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  1. Rinard Publishing 26306 Opal Hollow Lane Cypress, TX 77433 281-256-9804 http://www.rinardpublishing.com For Immediate Release October 10, 2018 Rinard Publishing (Cypress, TX) ….The Twisted Crown, a new historical novel by Anita Bunkley, has been recognized by Literary Titan as a 2018 Literary Titan Silver Book Award winner! “The Literary Titan Book Award is
  2. Rinard Publishing http://www.rinardpublishing.com For Immediate Release Cypress, TX (September 1, 2018) The Twisted Crown NEW HISTORICAL NOVEL TELLS THE STORY OF A BLACK WOMAN LIVING IN SOUTH CAROLINA AFTER THE CIVIL WAR AND SLAVERY HAVE JUST ENDED Now available in Trade Paperback, Kindle eBook, and Nook “The Twisted Crown, the newest historical novel by Anita Bunkley, is a fascinating look into the post-Civil War South focused on a free black woman from the North..highly reco
  3. Rinard Publishing would like to submit for review, The Twisted Crown (ISBN:978-0-9624012-4-4), a new novel of historical fiction by Anita Bunkley. Publication Date: September 1, 2018 Synopsis: Eva Phillips, a spirited young woman from Boston, travels into Post-Civil War South Carolina to search for the mother who gave her away. Her bold decision to trek across the ravaged South places Eva at the center of a dangerous web of lies, theft, and murder, entangling her in the lives of a black political activist fighting for the rights of the newly freed slaves, a handso
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