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Found 1 result

  1. Last night as I watched the movie about Thurgood Marshall, I wanted to share a lil' something about one of his greatest feats which was Brown, but do you know what really went down? Well, here's the real deal. Can you say conspiracy! The conspiracy began with Felix Frankfurter, a Supreme Court Justice, who had been a director of the NAACP for 18 years. First off, Frankfurter should not have been allowed to hear the case brought on by the NAACP due to a conflict of interest. Additionally, Frankfurter was in direct contact with Thurgood Marshall even though such contact was illegal. Despite this, the preliminary vote in the case was 6-3 against Brown. With so much at stake, murder was not out of the question. And just what was at stake? The future of race relations in America whch was a big prize for those on both sides of the issue. When the Supreme Court shut down its 1952-53 session with no ruling on Brown, the 6-3 vote against Brown remained the anticipated outcome because everyone knew that Chief Justice Vinson was committed to issuing an opinion against Brown and the NAACP. This announcement had alredy been established by an internal Supreme Court memorandum. What happened next is this. On October 12th, 1953, Vinson would convene a short hearing to rule against Brown, but on September 8th, Vinson died suddenly of a heart attack! At 63, Vinson was in excellent health and had no known medical problems. Most insiders were not surprised at his death. Seven months later, President Eisenhower appointed Earl Warren as the new Supreme Court Justice, and seven months later, with no prior notice, Warren issued an unamimous ruling for the NAACP instead of the anticipated 6-3 ruling against Brown! Nothing was made of the accusation that Vinson had been removed because he stood in the way of a favorable ruling for the NAACP. However, Vinson's son also met with a sudden death when he tried to uncover info on his father's sudden demise. Supreme Court Justice Frankfurter was never reprimanded for his unethical behavior and though Capitol Hill concluded that Vinson had indeed been murdered, there was no investigation. Why was Brown so important? Frankfurter was identified as the top dog of a powerful communist cell in DC. and it was this communist element, along with the Jews, who were the primary people that controlled the black middle class. Brown was important because the Jews and the communists wanted to destroy the black middle class they had created since the black middle class had become too independent. Therefore the plan was to destroy the current black middle class and then usher in a new black middle class who would stick to the script. In the meantime, they would place the rest of the black population under the absolute control of the government. To do this, the Jews and the communists knew that in order to destroy the black middle class, they would have to invent a thing called "integration" and with Brown, which swept away the "separate but equal" doctrine, the door was wide open to eliminate viable black businesses that catered exclusively to blacks. Blacks saw Brown as important due to the emphasis on educational equality. Frankfurter and the crew saw it as important because it paved the way for the destruction of black America. As it has been said, "integration integrated the black man out of everything he owned and into hell on earth." But there was more. Of course, it was MONEY! A few years later, Frankfurter masterminded the decision in Shelley vs Kraemer which ultimately made DC a chocolate city. With this ruling, real estate developers began the practice of "block-busting" where one black family, mostly from North Carolina, was moved on every block in DC. Without delay, white folk sold their homes at rock-bottom prices and fled to Virginia and Maryland. Fortunes were made and overnight DC went from being lily-white to becoming all-black. Guess what happened then. Mo' money, Mo' money, Mo' money! As whites fled to the suburbs of Virginia and Maryland, their fear of the black man led to billions of dollars in the sales of locks, alarm systems----and guns. So you see, Brown was one of the biggest money-making ventures in the history of the country at the time as huge profits were made in the wake of the decision. Breaking with their white backers was viewed as a radical act, and the black middle class of the 50s was punished for it, but it was the integration that followed the Brown decision and the culture it spawned that doomed the rest of us. Stay tuned for more on the destruction of Black America as I will carry you through the 60s. In the meantime, read "When I Say Jump" about other legal trickery used on black folks.Find the book on Amazon.com.http://bit.ly/whenisayjump
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