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  1. One day I left home and it took me ten years to get back. No, I did not get lost. What happened was even worse. I was arrested, convicted and sentenced to prison for a crime I did not commit. Even though there were five people, including a prominent, black lawyer who could vouch for my whereabouts at the time of the robbery, it did not matter. I was black, so I was guilty. This is not a new occurrence and it is now a part of an even wider conspiracy to lock up black males. Last year, a well-known judge in Pennsylvania was convicted in the so-called "Cash 4 Kids" program where judges woul
  2. Coochie 3 1 A WEEK AGO TODAY Sadness and euphoria always depends on how deeply committed you are to what you choose to do about tomorrow -Stella- As an old-fashioned street-walking ho, Stella found the present conversation distressing, but perhaps this is what she deserved for listening to this bitch about turning the art of slanging pussy into a very lucrative consulting business. Why tamper with a good thing? Traditionally, in the African-American community, “hooking” was like home economics because selling coochie was what kept the cable turned on or what kept the lights from
  3. When he had initially thought of calling his daughter to make sure his granddaughter was being watched after carefully, he dismissed the idea. He didn’t wish to offend his daughter. Of course, she was taking precautions to make sure that the ‘body snatchers’ didn’t get her little girl. He called a friend instead. “I know this may sound silly , but what is it about black women and this obsession with their bodies?” Davis paused. “Whatever happened to the old saying about beauty coming from within?” He sighed. “As a psychologist, I figured you might know. And while you’re at it, why do black w
  4. Brotha Troy, I read the article,but I still didn't understand how to make the link. I tried everything, except put in the formula that u used. In any event, thanks for the article. It was very informative and eye-opening. I will soon be sending u the info for my new author page.
  5. MOTHER DO U KNOW WHERE YOUR DAUGHTERS ARE?! Over the years as the urban culture has glorified the ‘pimp life”, a silent menace has been growing in our midst. The days of the adorable pimps in their colorful clothes are gone. Today's pimps are vicious "body-snatchers" who want your daughters badly. These sistas are worth good money to them as they are being kidnapped and sold into the cruel world of sex traffickers. This is no fairytale. Read COOCHIE, the haunting new novel about sex trafficking in the black community. www.amazon.com/dp/B00EZTQ0LU
  7. Get a FREE copy of BLACK PEARL, the erotic mystery thriller, 2day and 2morrow. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DTHCWDE
  8. I know that you will figure it out and get it right. As mentioned, I am going to place an ad or something on AALBC early next month to promote the latest book. take care.
  9. Brer, where u been? Been waiting on you to come and put the other link in. I am going to read the article so I can learn how to do it myself. Peace, my brotha. I know u have been busy. Take care.
  10. As far as book covers go, wow, things have really exploded over the last few years. For a while now, I haven't really thought that hard about the changing trend in book covers as I have always suspected that trends were meant to be followed if there was a dollar to be made in it. However, it has come up more often now, meaning the topic about cover art. I imagine that a lot of people think some have gone too far. As Brother Troy personally knows, I had a terrible mishap with a book cover. It was my first, but it was a disaster. It was not graphic. It was just bad. Since then, I have been more
  11. The doctor told Detective Epps to sit down, and he wouldn’t leave the hospital room until he was sure his patient was as comfortable as possible. Once satisfied, Dr. Melton stormed off. “Don’t be long,” he said. “The patient needs-----.” “Now if you will excuse us, Doc.” Epps stared coldly at the broad-shouldered man. “This shouldn’t take long.” “Make sure that it doesn’t.” This was Epps’ second trip to this room and he couldn’t avoid marveling at the man, who, by all accounts, should have been dead. Talk about a miracle. The man smiled w
  12. BLACK PEARL 2. The perfect read to cuddle up with this weekend. Only 99cents After all three murder charges against her are dropped, Pearl hits the streets of Charlotte with a vengeance. It is do-or-die- time and she knows it. Pearl has no money, no friends, and nowhere to go but since she is still full of surprises, secrets and scams, she feels she can once again rise to the top. Pearl celebrates her release from jail with all the fanfare of an A-list celebrity as she steps back onto the scene with her new commitment to always stay two steps ahead of the devil. But before she can rea
  13. I sincerely urge and encourage you to take advantage of this free offer and to indulge yourselves into BLACK PEARL, a novel that eloquently expresses our deeply-held need to fulfill ourselves. Sometimes, though, the risks of doing so are immensely great. What do you do? More importantly, where do you go when you have already gone too far? No one alive is exempt from their "do-or-die" moment with destiny when you must make a decision that will either make you or break you. Learn how Princess "Pearl" Washington dealt with her face-to-face meeting with fate. Just follow the link and the book is y
  14. I sincerely urge and encourage you not to miss the chance to indulge yourselves into the pages of a great new book, BLACK PEARL. Just follow the link and it is yours. http://bit.ly/blkpearl. Feel free to leave a review. Thx!
  15. Hey, brother Troy: I am in the process of doing some advertising with you and I will need to be split from Greg. I will be in touch just as soon as the free book days are over on Kindle. I will be giving away free copies of Black Pearl starting tomorrow through Friday. Following this, I will put up promo ads on AALBC. Where else would I go? Peace.
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