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Found 1 result

  1. A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story By Sister Souljah I discovered this book from the Jan/Feb 2013 bestsellers list I just published. Just a few years ago prior to the publication of, Midnight, Souljah's 2nd novel, a few years after the Coldest Winter Ever, there was much more anticipation, more buzz. In 2013 there was zero buzz at least from my perspective. This is problematic. It is a problem because I actively look for books by Black writers that I think will appeal to or at least interest readers. When a writer of Souljah's notoriety publishes the sequel to a wildly popular book (1,436,559 copies in print) I want to be able to be the first to let people know. Now her latest book A Deeper Love Inside: The Porsche Santiaga Story has been out for over a month and I had no clue. Sure a few years ago there was more discussion about books here on AALBC.com. I also know many of those people went to social media. But I'm on Twitter and Facebook every day and did not see anything about this book. I also realize publishers spend less on promotion and advertising and that is also part of the problem. (to be plain Simon and Schuster is not an advertiser). I also know we have very few platforms remaining who would review this title. Clutch magazine mentions the book. Digging a little deeper I came across an excellent article about the book in Publishers Weekly. Then the crux on my problem dawned on me. I spend to much time on social media looking for information about books. Sure I push a lot of information about books out there, including this one, but AALBC.com is a much more effective platform for disseminating information about books. I will adjust my behavior accordingly ;-)
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