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Do you have Due's The Wishing Pool?

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I got the short story collection, the wishing pool,from Tananarive Due. My proof is the penultimate paragraph in the introduction ends with a word, it starts with an o. Any others who have it, private message me if you know the word
My two favorite black female writer story collections are: Every Tongue Got To Confess from Zora Neale Hurston,  seven best stories from Alice Dunbar Nelson. They each are different. Hurston's are very old. They represent Black life before the war between the states and the period during and after that war ended until the end of reconstruction. Nelson's are more focused. Representing a minority in the minority as a black woman from new orleans. Oddly enough, both writers are not only black women but have a love for the black communities they were raised in which went against, the strong idea from many of their male contemporaries like Richard Wright or Langston Hughes that saw a need to erase or eradicate the cultures of Black people in the USA that predated the war between the states. Sequentially, I expect Tananarive Due's book to be other from Hurton's or Nelson's in subtleties. But it is telling how magic is prevalent in each of their short story collections. Yes, I have only read Due's introduction but I am aware of her enough to know a little of her prefered style.


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