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My thoughts
The tragedy of the war veterans being deported is how many people living outside the USA see the USA as this escape from being where they are, that they support joining the military of the USA, risking potentially all.

The biggest problem with documentarian work is the delay. When I think of a number of the documentaries concerning Vietnam most recently I saw, they remind me how the truth has to wait in the USA, and that waiting period has value. Again, how many Black people in the USA served as agents for the federal government, through the CIA/FBI/NSA/Military/ or some fashion. Why can't Black people in the USA know now. I will love to know how many black 80 years olds were agents in the 1950s 1960s 1970s. Why can't we know now? So many people who marched in the stop the war movement never knew the truth of their own influence. And that matters cause how many didn't act similarly thinking they did nothing. The current truth is so much more valuable than the delayed truth. 

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