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The majority of Black leadership in NYC from White of the NAACP to the current mayor Adams want Blacks to solely eradicate crime or illegality in the Black community

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I remember in the year two thousand and twenty three when media in NYC emphasized hate towards asians of any phenotype +  white jews. But what I found most informative was that the percentage of hate crimes towards asians was under fifteen percent while hate towards black people of any language or religion or gender was second only to white jews. 

And the question relates to what Olayemi states brilliantly. Where is the outrage? where is the call for crime in the white community to be checked or handled? Moreover, I want to know their faces , their names. the odd thing about crimes against Black people by non whites is how little paperwork or technology is used or available or accessible. 

When a white jew is attacked , a video, a facial photo, a name, speeches from various organizations is presented as a package. But when a Black is attacked, no video, no facial photo, no name, no speeches from various organizations. It's so imbalanced an approach it is not merely a negative bias towards black people but it makes clowns of the black people who clamor on about the black communities criminal record in the usa when it is clear that the judicial system, from law enforcers to prisons , produces false information concerning the record of crime in the USA. 



In this very forum, ecommunity, many black people have ranted about black criminal activity in the USA and it is clear that their rant is the conclusion to a simple algorithm. What are the elements of the algorithm:

  • In the USA, Black people are oppressed by whites  who control the judicial system in said government. The application of the judicial system to blacks in the usa by whites is designed to make blacks statistically greater than all others. 
  • Black people like all humans commit criminal or illegal acts, a crime is injuring another, an illegality is acting outside the laws allowance.
  • Black people in the USA who want individual rights while nonviolent resistance to whites don't have any tools to stop white oppression to blacks. 


When you add the three elements together the only answer is for Black people to delete the illegal + criminal activity in their community . But how can illegal + criminal activity be deleted absent massive fiscal wealth, which the black community doesn't have. The answer is condemn black illegality or criminality. Whenever a Black person acts illegally or criminally, members of the Black community emphasize an unreal danger because their goal is to get the larger black community to provide no instance of illegality or criminality for the white community to take advantage of. Its a dysfunctional thing. But I have accepted that many Black people see that as the answer. 

I oppose the strategy but I comprehend it. When a white banker for goldman sachs, legally acts criminally stealing millions from various people, mostly white, in the USA with falsely valued financial schemes. The same Black people that will accept the actions of the white banker as playing the system, the same old same old, fiscal capitalism, will speak of a black man making peanuts trying to feed himself on the street with some illegal act, a sin, a bad characters, a useless activity, a bad example for children. 

To said black folk, like Mayor eric adams and most of the other black people in the NYC government, it isn't that blacks commit more crimes or illegalities, or more negative resulting crimes or illegalities, it is that Black people still commit crimes or illegalities. To rephrase, Eric Adams, many in this very forum, have a goal. The goal is to eradicate black illegal or criminal activity in the USA by emphasizing it. Not because Black crime or illegality is higher in quantity or worse , but because it exists and in their philosophy, Black people support nonviolence plus integration most by acting toward an unrealistic ideal that the same black judgers don't apply to the non black. 

I quote Al SHarpton: the thing about a nonviolent movement is that it can not merely call on others to stop acting violently towards a group but has to be nonviolent itself. 

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