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An Impossible Proof Of Pythagoras from Ne’Kiya D Jackson side Calcea Rujean Johnson

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An Impossible Proof Of Pythagoras

Presenting Authors
Ne’Kiya D Jackson
St. Mary's Academy

Calcea Rujean Johnson
St. Mary's Academy

Saturday, March 18, 2023
 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
423 (Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons)

In the 2000 years since trigonometry was discovered it's always been assumed that any alleged proof of Pythagoras’s Theorem based on trigonometry must be circular. In fact, in the book containing the largest known collection of proofs (The Pythagorean Proposition by Elisha Loomis) the author flatly states that “There are no trigonometric proofs, because all the fundamental formulae of trigonometry are themselves based upon the truth of the Pythagorean Theorem.” But that isn’t quite true: in our lecture we present a new proof of Pythagoras’s Theorem which is based on a fundamental result in trigonometry—the Law of Sines—and we show that the proof is independent of the Pythagorean trig identity \sin^2x + \cos^2x = 1.



URL- timeing 9 am


Referral- thanks to a friend






While in India
India drops the periodic table, Pythagorean theorem and evolution from school textbooks
Story by Sushmitha Ramakrishnan, Deutsche Welle • 
On June 1, India cut a slew of foundational topics from tenth grade textbooks, including the periodic table of elements, Darwin's theory of evolution, the Pythagorean theorem, sources of energy, sustainable management of natural resources and contribution of agriculture to the national economy, among others.
A small section explaining Michael Faraday's contributions to scientific understanding of electricity and magnetism has also been removed.
India's National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) -- the public body that designs curriculum and textbooks --...expanding its list of omitted topics.
tenth grade is the last year mandatory science classes are offered in Indian schools.



PROOF - URL is above
NCERT’s response to news related to rationalised content on Evolution and 
Periodic Table in Science Textbooks 
During the COVID -19 pandemic, students and teachers across the school stages were at 
home and managing teaching-learning using alternative modes. NCERT attempted to 
rationalise the contents of the textbooks in 2021 considering following criteria: a. 
Overlapping with similar content included in the other subject area in the same class. b. 
Similar content included in the lower or higher class in the same subject. c. High difficulty 
level d. Content, which is easily accessible to children and does not require much 
intervention from the teachers and can be learnt through self-learning or peer-learning. e. 
Content, which is not relevant in the present context or is outdated. f. Learning outcomes 
already developed across the classes are taken care of in this rationalization exercise. 
With respect to the removal of the concepts of periodic table and evolution are 
concerned, the same has not been removed from the school education curriculum 
but in fact are available in appropriate detail in classes 11 and 12. 
Regarding rationalization of the concept of evolution: 
As far as the rationalisation of the content of evolution is concerned, the same has been 
dealt in appropriate details in classes 12 as stated above. 
A considered opinion emerged based on the feedback received from various stakeholders, 
including practising teachers, that children may not have to study same concepts at 
different stages and it needs to be done at appropriate stage. Therefore the same has 
been rationalized at this stage, more so considering the Covid pandemic situation. 
Regarding rationalization of the periodic table: 
Discussion about basic concepts such as elements, symbols, formation of compounds, 
atoms and molecules have been dealt with in class 9. In class 10, chemical reaction; acids, 
bases & salts; metals & non-metals; carbon & its compounds have been covered. Students 
pursuing science in classes 11 and 12 will study the details of Periodic Classification of 
elements (Periodic table). The content placed in the periodic table again have been made 
more age appropriate, more so considering the Covid pandemic situation.

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