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Would love to be consider for a book review

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Hi I’m Kesha Jones the author of The Black Magician written by KayCee Jones

ISBN 9798835806577

Publication Date June 13, 2022

availiabe on audiobook, ebook,hardcover and paperback

The Black Magician

A gifted Nubian princess was stolen from her land in Africa, and was brought to America to live in a place unknown to her. Overnight she went from being the royal daughter of the great warrior Manley- Chief of the of the Zauzuuzuu tribe, to living in chains with very minimum to eat. In the 1800’s being a slave in South Carolina was a scary place to be. Being beaten and separated from your family was an all too familiar story for slaves in this state.  In this lonely abandoned place of extreme pain and hardship you will meet an intelligent genius slave name George; also known in the 1800’s as, “The Black Magician,” for his remarkable tactics of helping slaves escape North into freedom. George uses his witty inventions, brilliant disguises and crafty tricks to help slaves escape slavery.  George is instructed and guided by his grandmother, the Nubian princess, stolen from Africa. His grandmother had been trained since birth by the best warriors, doctors and scientists. George's grandmother teaches him about his royal family history and special invention skills their family possesses, and how to use his special talents to help certain slaves gain freedom. In the course of the story, they are helped by a Caucasian young woman, “Shelby", and “Red” an Indian man. While setting out on the mission to set slaves free, George has to contend with a money hungry slave catcher, untrustful friends and many other trials and tribulations. The magic of the whole story comes to life when we get to see the historical black people who became the descendants of the runaway slaves. George will prove to readers how he earned the name, "The Black Magician."






#booktok #amazonkindle #barnesandnoble #theescapeplan #indieauthor #blackhistory #inspire 


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