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Papa Can Fix It! is a wonderful new children's picture book by Lee Allen II.


Papa Can Fix It! is a story about high-energy, African American brothers Liam and Landen who are a joy to their parents, but they love to break toys. Liam crashes his cars. Landen breaks his favorite board game. Liam paints the family dog green. Mom and Dad are frustrated. The boys never worry because they know that when Papa and Nana come to visit, Papa can fix it. But one day their grandfather decides it’s time for an important lesson. He tells them, “I can’t fix everything you touch.” In tears after Papa’s warning, the boys are heartbroken. Then they learn that only Nana can fix a broken heart.


It is a wonderful read-along for young readers and an easy read for fourth graders.


Publication: May 10, 2033  Released June 12, 2023

ISBNs: Hardcover 979-8-9879762-2-7, Paperback 979-8-9879762-0-3, and eBook 979-8-9879762-1-0


Papa Can Fix It ! is available at

am*zon https://amzn.to/3Pb50C9, Barnes & Noble https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/papa-can-fix-it-lee-alfred/1143602589?ean=9798987976203, The American Booksellers Association Bookshop.org https://bookshop.org/search?keywords=Papa+Can+Fix+It!, and other retailers.


Author Bio


Lee Alfred II began his creative career at MTV Films. He moved on to work with Tova Laiter at Avida Entertainment where he optioned his first screenplay Red Hood to Walt Disney Pictures. Lee continued his creative writing following up with several more screenplays before writing the spec screenplay titled Pirates of the CaribbeanWhile at Avida Lee shifted to producing with the 2003 film Temptation.

He joined academy award winner Forrest Whitaker as a creative executive and director of Whitaker’s philanthropic division partnering with UNESCO to establish global peace-building programs for underprivileged youth and inspire global change. Lee co-produced the award-winning documentary Rising from Ashes along with Whitaker who also narrated the film.


After the birth of his sons, Lee wanted to spend more time with his wife watching his sons grow up.  He has used his bachelor’s and two master’s degrees to blend his career in entertainment with a new career in education.  That blend was evident when he was the executive producer of The House Next Door 2, which was theatrically released by Lions Gate while serving as a high school principal. In addition, Lee is producing and co-hosting the talk show Ed Table. This platform serves as a conversational space for educators to share and collaborate. The show is produced by Leeway Creative Co and Anew Project.

Watching his two sons create havoc around the house during covid quarantine, Lee decided to put his talent as a storyteller to work creating a children’s book series chronicling the exploits of Liam and Landen.

Reflecting on his new book, Alfred says, "Your passion and purpose can change but the creative fire does not. I went from adventure films to the adventures of my kids. The process is the same, the purpose has evolved."

Papa Can Fix It! Is the first book in the series.



Papa Can Fix It! Cover 300x300.jpeg

Lee Photo 300 X 300.jpeg

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