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Oooooolympics Recap

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What started out as just a curious pause while channel surfing, gradually developed into more than just a passing interest in the Winter Olympics. Before I knew it, I was watching and cheering on all of those white folks who had dedicated years of their lives to developing skills that would qualify them to compete in these winter sports, most of which are not only very difficult, but extremely dangerous.

What was most intriguing about this spectacle, however, was all of the high drama that accompanied the proceedings.

First, there was the snow-boarder who was killed while practicing for his event. Then there were the Korean speed skaters who were disqualified for bumping, breaking the rules which allowed other racers to win medals by default. Then there was the controversy over the American male figure skater who was awarded a gold medal over the Russian who was the only one to execute a dazzling quad jump. Then there was how one skier's fall interruped the run of her rival team mate causing the latter to have to go through her physically exhausting performance all over again. Then there was the devastated Dutch speed skater losing the gold medal he had cinched because his coach mistakenly signaled him to get in another lane, thereby causing him to be disqualified. Then there was the female Canadian figure skater whose mother died in the hotel room before she could cheer her daughter on to eventually winning a bronze medal for the program she performed through her tears.

It was one big frozen soap opera as contestants sniped at each other and countries gloated over beating out other ones for medals. Records and hearts were broken, and limbs and good sportsmanship were strained, all intensified by the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!

Only 2 black faces stood out among those vying for superiority: a skier from Africa, and Chicagoan Shani Wilson who won a gold medal for speed skating, leaning on the turns like a brotha rounding a corner in a lo-rider. No sprinters running like they'd been caught stealing watermelons, no leaping Gazelles dunking basketballs.

As the 2010 Winter Olympics draw to a close, I found myself wondering if they had the time and money required to excel in these demanding athletics would Black people exercise the discipline to do so? I decided they wouldn't. And it wouldn't be because they were lazy; but rather because they are not crazy! Which is why they also wouldn't be caught dead stroking a killer whale. :unsure:

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