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My name is Symone Milan Smith 

Title of the book is Sugar Cane Land 

Hardback ISBN 13 9781639457526

Date published September 1, 2023


Author Symone Smith Inspires Self-Identification in Children in New Book, “Sugar Cane Land” (wgno.com)




Hello readers, my name is Symone Smith. This is my second children's book; I wrote this book to show all children that sometimes adults experience the same things as them. My book tells an amazing story of being different and how it's ok to be different. Nothing is wrong with your skin being dark, splotchy, losing pigmentation, or being fair complexed. The way that you look from your big nose or small lips you are still amazing. No matter what never water yourself down where you are not growing.  Remember growth is a process and feelings are temporary. From a girl I began and a woman I will finish.  


    Thank you all for reading good night.


Sugar Cane Land Back COV.PNG


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