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(Charlotte NC)(February 19 2012) Gregory S. Jones of The Paper Tiger Literary Foundation enthusiastically embraces this moment as a red-letter day in urban fiction as it signals the release of MATCHMAKER by award-winning author Gibran Tariq. MATCHMAKER, hailed as the ultimate black female empowerment novel, is also the first release from SOULFIRE BOOKS.

“MATCHMAKER is not merely a book,” Mr. Jones emphatically insists. “It is an event.” Even more importantly, he declares that MATCHMAKER is the one book that every black woman in America must absolutely place on her to-do list and his message to black women everywhere is simply this: If you are alive today, don’t dare die until you have read MATCHMAKER!

MATCHMAKER, the dramatic story of the first black First Lady of The United States, places black sistahood at the forefront of a compelling narrative that centers around two of the biggest urban myths today: Can black women get along, and can they effect change on a historic level? Those questions and more are confronted and addressed in this timely novel about faith and forgiveness, about struggle and compromise, about seemingly insurmountable challenges and solutions. MATCHMAKER unfolds on “the pretty wings” of Samantha Givens who establishes MatchMaker Incorporated, a secret organization of beautiful, black women intent on taking control of the country. No matter what you may think of her tactics, you will cheer Samantha on as she sets out to make The White House a sista’s house.

Gibran Tariq, though thrilled by the great reviews the book has garnered from RAWSISTAZ, and Ella Curry of The Black Authors Network, which seems to suggest that the novel has pricked the social consciousness of black women, is more direct. “My goal for MATCHMAKER was to boldly challenge the current Hoochie-Mama image of black women which I see as a great collapse in black literature.” Tariq went on to explain that the dangerous destruction of the black woman’s image is a needless affront to the national character of black folk. He further proclaims. “I was not merely interested in crafting a good story. I had every intention of acquainting readers with a literary experience that would not only caress their senses, but one that would also prepare them for the seismic shift in urban literature that is about to happen under the leadership of SOULFIRE BOOKS.

Available in bookstores in the spring, MATCHMAKER can now be purchased at Amazon.com in both the print and Kindle editions. Go to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00789SLQG

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