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The question has come up about what i do other than write. To be honest, I have made an effort to get my message out in front of the masses. Have you ever heard or read about the pact between the three brothas who made a pact to become doctors. Well, this is a story about a dozen ex-bank-robbers who made a similar pact.

In the 70s we were responsible for all of the bank robberies in my hometown, dozens of them. When I first started robbing banks, I intended to use that money to buy "supplies" for the freedom fighters in Africa who were fighting to gain independence from colonial rulers. I also was doing my part to fund the black revolution that was brewing in this country. Needless to say, i soon became frustrated because the revolution was not happening fast enough. As a consequence, I then robbed banks for more personal reasons, my own livlihood.

My immediate crew as well as members of the other crews would share info on what banks were easier targets. It was like sharing "insider" tips. When we proved too much for the local FBI, a special task force from Washington, was assembled to bring us to justice. My crew went out in a blazing gun battle.

Once confined, we all made a pact to stick together and to this day, some 40 years later, the pact has never broken. Whichever ones of us were out, we would take care of the ones that were still confined. We will look out for any that had just gotten out of prison. We were constantly in and out of prison and were never on the streets at the same time until two years ago. It was then that we decided to start an organization to steer the youth away from a life of crime. We conducted seminars and held workshops, but the public never accepted us as legitimate. Some didn't think we were fit candidates to help the youth. All they saw was our past.

Besides me, a writer, the group contained a professional artist, a gospel singer. We were the lucky ones as we could still benefit from our talents. Others less fortunate had been robbed by time. There was a brotha who could have been an Olympic diver, another who could have been a professional boxer, another a professional basketball player. What they wanted to show was how a single decision could rob you of the opportunity to do something more rewarding with your life. The youth responded to our stories and we were invited to speak more often but the backlash was just too much. People just couldn't get over the fact that we had been criminals, but who knew better how to help the youth navigate their way through the urban maze than us. We knew where the landmines were. We knew the triggers. We understood the streets. They called our organization, Thugs, Inc.

Additionally, we had an inside view. When I was in prison, I knew about what new crime was about to be unleashed on the public. How? Because, most of these schemes were hatched in jail. Guys have nothing better to do than think of new crimes. I remember when car-jacking was merely a scheme on the blue-print. The same with home invasions. I was there while these crimes were being hashed out. It used to be when we would look at the news and see about one of the new, "designer" crimes, we would laugh and say, "Ah man, that so and so. He done put it down." Even though we were locked up, we knew exactly who was doing what. The prison was merely a laboratory where new schemes and crimes were drawn up.

Now, that I no longer participate in that lifestyle, I try to issue warnings. I hate crime. I use my books to make the public aware of what is about to come at them. The last time I was inside, I came face-to-face with a crime that I detested which was the selling of young sistas into the sex trade. What happened was this. Well, imagine Russian gangsters hooking up with local pimps. What you have is sex trafficking in the hood! It is already happening. Did you know that a lot of the missing children from Hurricane Katrina were kidnapped and sold into the sex trade? Probably not. In my hometown, a sista is on trial right now for selling her daughter to pimps. This is happening all over the country.

Thanks to rap videos and magazines that show half-naked sistas, what has happened is that men from all over Eastern Europe who come to this country on business and who have never experienced a black woman are now eager for the pleasure. As we all know, the butt of the black woman is the most fabled, world-renown physical asset on the planet.

I won't say any more, but you can read about it in my book, Russian Roulette. I will put it up on Kindle tomorrow for 99 cents. It tells the story. I also have a book, :Giving' the devil his due" which is about environmental racism, about how black housing projects were deliberately built on top of toxic waste dumps. A lot of unexplained illnesses of brothas and sistas today can be traced back to where they lived as children. My book, The Root of All Evil, confronts the facts that we are not actual citizens of the United States! Think about this, all citizens have the right to vote. If we were true citizens, why do they have to keep re-newing the Voting Rights Act for us? My book, Beggars' Banquet, is an expose about the human growth hormone now found in the foods we eat and about how food that is not fit to be sold in white grocery stores are shipped off to be sold in black neighborhoods. If I can't write about important issues that affect us, I don't write at all.

Finally, click on the link below. It is a news clip about my now extinct organization, The Giant Steps Foundation.


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