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The Velvet Closet - Free Promotion 3/7/12 - 3/10/12 Amazon

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Good luck. I tried this promotion with 2 of my novels last month and it seemed to do very little to increase sales after the promo. But they were "niche" books that probably aren't good for promoting that way. And it's only been 3 weeks, so maybe it will pay off down the road.


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Hi JohnB,

Welp...after all that "hype"...I didn't even publish the second book. I finished it. And then I decided that I don't want VC to be a sequel (I personally hate sequels so why I chose to try to write one is beyond me) and so I shelved part two and will just let it collect dust. I've got quite a few of those actually. I admit...everything that comes out of my brain isn't meant to be shared. Sooooo, at the end of the day, I gave away a bunch of books and it really wasn't a promotion because there's nothing to promote. Aaaah, such is life...gotta love the unexpected. :D

p.s. Then again...I suppose in the end it served as a promotion for itself? Or something like that - Whatever. Have a great weekend!

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