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  1. @ Writer Girl Side A Look at you… …emotional Side B Doesn’t it make sense that you want people to appreciate your art once you put it out in the universe??? If you really didn't care, you'll keep your art to yourself NAH'SUN, this is all I'm going to read, because you clearly didn't bother to take the time to READ WHAT I WROTE. SHEESH!
  2. Nah'Sun, I don't know if you do this intentionally but sometimes you come across as ALL-KNOWING and I find it exhausting. However, I will address this and then leave it alone. I never said I wouldn't want to be appreciated. I said I was okay if this happens after I'm dead and gone & I said I wouldn't mind if my descendents were the ones reap the benefits. I understand that my position may seem a little "off." And that's cool. After having had a life-altering situation/experience, I just happen to look at things a lot differently today than I did say two years ago. But whatever. Have a nice
  3. Maybe I'm just weird. I feel like my descendants *are* me...well, pieces of me anyway. So if I'm dead and long gone, and they are the ones that get to enjoy the spoils, I don't mind. Then again, my inner circle is EXTREMELY small, and I happen to genuinely like them...soooo, maybe that has something to do with the way I think. Maybe I'll change my mind once they start getting older and getting on my nerves. :-) I want to add to this because I just thought of it: I believe that if I were truly out there hustling and on the grind as a writer, I WOULD have a problem with all my hard w
  4. I wouldn't mind. Then again, I have kids. I suppose I look at this from a different angle ---- Even if I'm not here, my kids and their future kids could enjoy whatever perks come along with being "appreciated."
  5. I love this! and this... Absolutely! Good, bad, or indifferent, it's still your story, your baby. Even if it doesn't make much money at all, it's an accomplishment, a creation. Writing is just...awesome!
  6. Thanks Cynique! HICKSON, I'm learning & yes, this does make sense. I understand. And this does give me some things to think about regarding how I proceed in this industry. Thanks for your response. (wow...I almost forget to complain about the all-caps. You know I wouldn't be me if I didn't mention that it hurts my EYES. lol. jk...you've made the point before already that you aint changing! ) Much success to you!
  7. I agree with you on both sentiments. I try not to knock others' hustle too. And I also believe that 99cents means cheap and that you shouldn't expect high end quality if the prices are dirt low. HOWEVER, you just might find a diamond in the rough. And that holds especially true for "cheap" books. HICKSON, I've read in other posts where you say that the lowered prices placed on e-books hurts professionals like you. I can somewhat see how that could be the case, but then again, it might not be the case. Right now I'm looking at this topic from a reader's perspective. I've downloaded en
  8. Oops, you are right Troy. She sure did post that one. I corrected my post.
  9. I would have to say that I tend to lean toward the notion that fiction writing for me is more of a creative pastime that happens to bring in a few bucks here and there. It is also, as Cynique mentioned, a form of therapy for me. I don't even know how to explain the need to get these stories out of my head and down on paper. But I do know that I get great personal satisfaction in the creative part of watching a story come together. Maybe if I was a die-hard music lover, I'd probably be somewhere composing a song right now. But I'm a book lover, and so far, the books I've written have compl
  10. My thoughts exactly. And I think it's okay to give things away, including books. Why bother to write it down, if you don't want someone else to read it (diaries don't count; neither do self-proclaimed crappy works that you know should never see the light of day)? Sometimes you can get people to pay to read it; other times you settle for sharing your work just for the sake of sharing. I see nothing wrong with that. Even people who write as their sole profession have been known to give away freebies or samples of their work. I don't think this trend is going to stop. p.s. I have heard the a
  11. Mzuri, yes the way they operated was crazy! "Let's buy us a president..." I didn't watch the program from beginning to end, but I watched enough to realize that there are definitely similarities with today and yesteryear.
  12. I was watching that docu-drama "The Men Who Built America" which covers the stories of Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, & others. After seeing that, I think for the most part, these extraordinarily rich people in power have had a habit of not dwelling all that much on what's going on down in the "regular" world. By that I mean they operate on a different playing field. Their spats & competitions with each other have led to domino effects that at times have cost innocent American bystanders (of all races) their lives and jobs. But the insanely rich don't appear to take the losses
  13. Anyone heard about this yet?: "In the wake of last week's presidential election, thousands of Americans have signed petitions seeking permission for their states to peacefully secede from the United States. The petitions were filed on We the People, a government website." http://news.yahoo.co...-190210006.html All I keep thinking about are those "oh, they mad? they mad..." banners that were circulating on Facebook. smh.............like some people say about slavery, "get over it"...
  14. Wow. I like that there poem. I haven't seen Zeitgeist the Movie, but I've seen some clips here and there regarding similar conspiracy theories. You know, Troy, I agree with you that something wasn't quite right about that whole Bin Laden thing. If he is dead, I tend to think there should have been more of a fight put up. It happened so quickly that I sometimes wonder if he wasn't friends with his killers. I imagine that they walked right up to his door, having known his address and having been there before, and knocked. "Oh, what's up Laden...what's good..." and his reply would have been,
  15. nice...good times...i can only imagine of course, but my mind's eye tells me these were good days...nice thnx 4 sharing
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