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SoulFire Books

525 Dare Drive

Suite 2

Charlotte NC 28206


(Charlotte NC) March 26, 2012) Soulfire Books proudly announces the release of WHEN I SAY JUMP, one of the most anticipated books of the spring literary season. Written by Gibran Tariq, a former prisoner, once hailed as the greatest convict writer ever, has set the bar for great writing even higher now that he is free.

When Elizabeth Sellers graduates from Howard University with her law degree, she has plans to take the legal world by storm. Instead she gets caught up in a legal firestorm that threatens her sanity while almost causing her death. Her first case is her last case as she accidentally stumbles upon a government conspiracy to imprison one out of every four black males born in this country. With no one to protect her from her enemies, she has no choice but to expose the conspiracy; however the unbearable torment she has to pay has her wondering if black men are worth the price!

When I Say Jump deals with a most disturbing fact:there are almost one million black men locked up in America. More importantly, it forces readers to consider whether there is actually a government conspiracy to imprison black males. If so, how is this conspiracy taking shape and just who are the authors of it? Is the notion of a conspiracy far-fetched? Not when you think about the "Kash 4 Kids" program unearthed In Pennsylvania a few years ago where Judges would accept money from prison contractors in exchange for "bodies" to fill up the beds. After all, what good is a prison if it is empty? Then consider this. Right now in America, big name corporations are virtually fighting to land a contract with a prison so they can establish a branch of their

company inside. Revlon has done it. So has IBM, Hewlett Packard, Victoria's Secret and many more. Prisons have become big business and they need someone to work in these prison sweatshops.

When I Say Jump takes a fascinating look at what it is like to be targeted by this governmental conspiracy. It is well-written, a bonafide legal thriller on par with anything written by John Grisham. It takes you right into the middle of this controversy and gives you a front row seat to what it could mean to be a "puppet" where rich, powerful men pull the strings that control your destiny where the ultimate goal is to eventually land you, the puppet, in prison where government "puppeteers" reap all the rewards for your confinement.

In a lot of households across America, parents worry over who may be stalking their children on the internet, yet for black parents, there is an even greater worry. Is your son being stalked by the government as a potential candidate for prison? In a 1976 leaked document on "the rising fear of the black male", it was declared in this paper that one of the goals of the government was to have a large percentage of young, black males confined! Read this exciting new book and get drawn into the eye of a secret, invisible war between the government and the black community that has been brewing for decades.

This exciting new novel can be purchased on Amazon.com in both the print and Kindle version. Don't hesitate to pick up a copy for yourself and once you do, be sure to post a review. Click on the link to purchase the book.


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