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A Black, Gay, Christian Dwarf chronicles his life’s journey


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The interviewer in the video below asks, "Which is more courageous coming out as a Christian or homosexual". The question was posed tongue in check but...


Clay Rivers invites your review of his latest work chronicling his life’s journey. In a world that associates stature, physical perfection, and race with a person's value, "Walking Tall" is about harnessing the power of self-worth as experienced by an African American, gay, Christian man who also just happens to be a dwarf.

His career as an actor, artist, stage performer and author took Clay to Disney’s Main Street USA, Hollywood and the stages of New York City. A graduate of Jones High School and Rollins College, Clay offers a message to your audience on accepting yourself and accepting others. His is an especially poignant message for people of all ages, color and height in today’s world.

From early lessons in the deep south to escapades as Donald Duck at Walt Disney World to the cat and mouse games on his psychologist’s couch, and finally to the finish line of accepting and loving himself, "Walking Tall" is brisk reading, full of charm and a devilish sense of humor. For anyone who has ever felt the slightest bit uncomfortable in their own skin has been afraid to wrestle personal demons or may have missed the directional signs while walking their own road less travelled, "Walking Tall" is a globe-trotting journey to self-acceptance.

I’ve attached a pdf copy of the book and we can provide a hard copy upon request. Also, if you have additional questions, Clay can be available to talk on short notice. Check out Clay’s recent appearance on The Daily Buzz around the launch of his book.


If there is anything we can do to aid in your review for AALBC.com, give a call to Mary Pietromonaco or Gerry Spahn at 1(646) 290 8603.

Best Regards,

Clay Rivers is an actor, artist, performer and author. He has performed in numerous live stage shows and parades at Walt Disney World in Florida, as well as the touring and flagship companies of the beloved Radio City Christmas Spectacular.

He has designed graphics, packaging, and products for various clients, including Walt Disney World, the Disney Stores, and Disney Imagineering. While living in Los Angeles, he studied under the celebrated acting coach Richard Brander, and has appeared in both large and small screen productions.

Clay is also a screenwriter whose works have been recognized in national screenwriting competitions in New York, San Francisco, and Boston. Walking Tall: A Memoir About the Upside of Small and Other Stuff is his first book.

# # #

Gerry Spahn: gerryspahn@live.com 646 290 8603

Mary Pietromonaco: marypietromonaco@live.com 646 290 8603

Spahnomonaco Communications, New York

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