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Videos Taken During Book Expo American (BEA) 2012


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Michael Baisden, author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, offers a tip on selling one's biography.

Jason Claiborne of SLR Magazine and Augustus Publishing with author Erick S. Gray

K. Tempest Bradford an author who also runs the Blog "The Angry Black Woman"

Monda Raquel Webb http://aalbc.it/mrwebb tells us about her latest collection of short stories, "Red Clay Dirt & Mountains"

Tony & Yvonne Rose Founders of Amber Communications Group, Inc. and the African American Pavilion Booth at Book Expo America

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That is so wonderful! What Michael Baisden said made so much sense. He is really on it with that. I

It is so great that Azizi Bookstore outlasted Borders. Sista Monda, I live in the south. I know, Sista. I know. OOH! I will definitely be pickin up Daniel Black's "The Coming"!

Hey, it was wonderful seeing those clips, Troy. Thank u.

On another note, I'm going to NY for carnival in a few months. I know of a few really good bookstores there. Can anyone suggest some good more good ones that I might not know about?

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