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Guest Chris Hayden

How Did the Democrats Screw up on Health Care?

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Guest Chris Hayden

I mean you can differ on abortion. The defense budget. Foreign Aid.

Everyone, when pressed, will readily admit that they want people to have health care.

Yet, the Democrats are going through all sorts of contortions to pass a bill that ought to be a no brainer and are looking weak, wimpish, inept, corrupt and all of the above.

How do you screw something like this up?

To answer my own question, you put a bill out there that is so long and convoluted nobody really knows what is in it and your enemies can take pot shots at you and confuse the public.

You assume that your enemies want you to succeed in doing something.

You resort to all kinds of briberey and chicanery to pass it--if it's so good, why you got to hand out 300 million dollar bribes to Senators?

You don't educate the public first about the bill and whats in it.

You are so dizzy from your victories you assume that you can just do anything--I suppose they are looking at how Congress passed the Patriot Act under similar circumstances.

If they fail to get it over, they look like real chumps.

If they do get it over, it will be attacked, delayed and picked to death.

I don't know if the Democrats should ever be in power again.

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