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  1. Ya got that right......
  2. Oh well. Negroes choose these preachers. They support, condone and defend them. End of subject.....
  3. "And like Black America, China had a problem with drugs, crime, stupidity, and immorality until a bunch of Chinese men led by Mao stood up and decided to rid themselves of the cancer that was spreading and now China is one of the strongest most organized and most feared nations on this planet." It is also one of the most corrupt and repressive countries in the world. But I get your point......
  4. "To say America doesn't belong to us is a fallacy.Parts of America actually DO belong to us.Black people own property in America.Black people own businesses in America.Black people own radio and television programs and are featured on them.We have media outlets at our disposal.Black people hold positions of authority in America from Mayors, Congressional members, Police Chiefs, Judges, Prosecutors on every level....So we actually HAVE property, wealth and authority....not as much as Whites....but we DO have it.I keep saying it over and..............Again, we can't blame America or racism for some things.....the silly victim mentality of the negro is largely to blame for most of his problems.The problem isn't that we're non-Americans TRYING to be Americans.The real problem is that we're Americans who DON'T ACT like Americans." Nice post. I agree......
  5. Well, here we go. A woman was shot and killed by a cop when no crime was committed, there were no complaints made other than her calling the police, there was no weapon found on or near her and the video cam of the police was allegedly off (or was it?). There certainly will be no out cry from the Negro community over the shooting. Nothing but crickets can be heard at this point. For the record, I cringe every time I hear of a police shooting. It's rare that the use of lethal force is justified in these police killings. What is more egregious and daunting, is the Blue Wall of Silence, complicity, and collusion by the police to protect these officers when these unwarranted and over zealous shootings occur. To me, that is the core of the rot that allows these shootings to go unabated and unchallenged. And when they go to court (if it gets that far) the chances of a police officer being convicted of unjustly killing some one is virtually nil. FACT CHECK IT! One more thing. For the record, contrary to what Negroes believe -white people are also shot and killed by the police unnecessarily. And I have yet to see whites surrounding the police head quarters and protesting in a menacing manner, threatening the police or rioting in their communities in response to these shootings. I recall of a white 22-year-old kid being shot multiple times while he was sitting in his car here in San Diego. He had committed no crime other than not using his turn signal. The police said they thought he had a gun. There was none. There was a video of a white man being ordered out of his vehicle by the S.D. County Sheriffs. In the video you could see the man step out with both hands raised -you could count all ten of his fingers! As soon as he stepped out with his hands raised, they put him down. In Northen Cal a mentally ill young white male was beaten to death by the police. There is an audio of the young man pleading for his life and screaming for his father to save him. The police were in a beat down frenzy and finished him off. An all white jury found all of the white police officers not guilty of beating a young white man to death. Done deal! I am not one to excoriate and condemn the police outright for the behavior of a few. Most police officers serve a noble purpose and they do their jobs well considering the pressures they are under. The police stop, detain, arrest, pursue, confront and arrest thousands of people every single day. We only hear about the cases that went wrong. What bothers me is when these rogue cops take the law into their hands by executing people in a manner that cannot be justified. Worse is the Blue Wall of Silence, complicity, and collusion by the police to cover up and justify an unwarranted killing. The other thing that I find equally unacceptable is Negroes screaming the police are racist when a black person is shot. Other than the cop being white and the victim being black -what other proof do Negroes have that the office is a racist? THERE IS NONE! Cops who generally over react do so out of fear, malice or not being properly and effectively trained. Again -what proof do Negroes have that the officer is a racist? It is a convenient nefarious accusation Negroes are notorious for. The bottom line is an unwarranted killing does not prove in any way the officer is a racist simply by saying so. The shooting may be unwarranted and totally unnecessary. I think we can all agree to this. But what proof is there that the officer acted out of a conscious lethal race driven impulse? Other than wanting to believe the cop is racist, I know of no cases where verifiable documentation and/or irrefutable evidence that the officer in question was a white racist was provided. Is the black cop who shot this white female a racist? He is not the same race as his victim. I hear no one stridently declaring that he is a black racist. Why? Rouge cops do what they do and their victims can be white or black.
  6. Well, there is not much to say. It is what it is. Nothing unusual or out of the norm took place over this past weekend in Negro America. What you see is the by product of the seething pathology and chaos which is the outgrowth of the celebrated single baby mama matriarchal American Negro culture. The extreme violence and total disregard for human life are very similar to ISIS. Not much difference when it comes to the necrotic mindset of taking another humans life without any hesitancy or remorse. But since the 10 murders were black on black (the norm), Black Lives Matters and their supporting cohorts of intransigent Negroes will look the other way. Look carefully and you can see their mute button is in the on position. Oh well......
  7. “Maybe there's a few Asians sprinkled in here and there, but for the most part whether your believe climate change is real or false.....or if you believe it's real but is caused by man or by natural cycles.....all of your information has to come from White folks to back it up.” Wow! I really don’t know where to begin after reading this incredulous thread. Let me first start by saying I’m stunned to see the inference that somehow there is a “white science” that pertains and centers around white people. As far as I know, there is no color or race to science since it is supposed to be neutral and free of political (and racial) partisanship. Physics is physics, chemistry is chemistry, math is math, etc. And yes, Asians have chimed in on the subject of climate change. In 2015, the Chinese government released a scientific assessment of how global warming has affected and is likely to affect China. The 900-page “Third National Climate Change Assessment Report” was the work of 550 scientists and experts, summing up the environmental consequences of rising greenhouse gas levels and its impact on the environment. Their findings were in concurrence with the….ummmm…”white guys”. “Certainly there is nothing happening in our immediate environment as Black folks that is definitive enough to PROVE to us that something major is going on with the climate.” Um, what world are you living on? Is the sky blue? Is there gravity? You are living in the physical same space as NON-BLACKS yet you suggest there is nothing happening with black people but perhaps non-blacks? Nothing you know of the climate affects BLACK PEOPLE? OMG! So, you had no idea how “black Africans”, as a group, are probably the most adversely impacted people on the planet by climate change? You did not know this? Ok…ok… “In other words, to hell with what some of these White people are SAYING...what do you SEE with your own two eyes that God gave you that makes you take any of what they're saying seriously?” Ha! Ha! Ha! There is so much I have say in response to the ridiculousness of the statement above. Considering the depth and the extreme nature of the comment (parody?), it suggests something much more profoundly wrong and twisted. So, I won’t go there. However, I will say this: I never knew atmospheric/physical science, biology and applied mathematics (which includes geophysics, geochemistry, geology, soil science, oceanography, glaciology, palaeo-climatology, biological sciences such as ecology, synthetic biology, biochemistry, global change biology, biogeography, eco-physiology, ecological genetics, mathematics, statistics and computational analysis, mathematical modeling, mathematical statistics, time series analysis, etc, etc..) were “white sciences” that black people should always be skeptical of. I was always under the impression science was neutral discipline due to its empirical nature. Now, don’t get my wrong. A healthy dose of scrutiny and criticism is necessary and in my opinion –a good thing. But since Negroes, as a group, contribute little to nothing to the sciences that I mentioned, you are going to be hard pressed to find a “Negro science” (independent of nefarious “white science”) that makes the colored flat earth believers comfortable. It’s like concerning yourself with gas mileage of cars while living in an area where there are no paved roads or cars….
  8. "Well Brother Farrakhan has atleast 2 million witnesses who can prove that his mission to organize a million Black men to march on Washington in 1995 was ACCOMPLISHED." Oh really? And what exactly did he accomplish? It's been more than twenty years since his so-called Million Man March, and Negroes are still mired in a quagmire of high unemployment, illegitimacy and fatherless homes, being the last in every single category of academic achievement, first in homicide (victims of other Negroes) which is the number one cause of death for black males 18-35, incarcerations being the norm, the negative perception and low expectation of black people by non-blacks is still unwavering, etc, etc. So, what was the outcome? What tangible and verifiable information do you have have that Farrakhan has minimized or eliminated the aforementioned? Wasn't that the purpose of his organizing, reaching out and effectively changing all what I mentioned though the alleged million men who showed up to hear him? Bottom line: How has the overhaul quality of life for the American Negro changed since the vaunted Farrakhan Million Man March?
  9. “Well, right off the bat, you make an subjective statement about the engagement between the posters on this board, and it gives a clue as to how black men and women see things. You said that you were attacked by us women for saying the photo of Viola was racist and that we accused you of hating on back women. Not exactly true. I, myself, was saying that you guys considered a smiling picture of a typical looking dark-skinned black woman as a caricature and posted a grotesque picture of "Wanda" and other coonish black characters in an attempt to make your point, blaming the media instead of your preconceived notions of how black women should be made to look in order to win white respect.To me, this gives a clue as to how black women are always on the defensive and black men are insensitive to them and hyper-sensitive to white motives.” Nice! I could not have articulated it better! The adolescent reactionary racist hysteria to Ms. Davis’s photo on the cover of Time magazine is sickening and indefensible. I will not further my opinion beyond that because I have already posted it. But I love the accuracy and clarity of your commentary. But I will say this and move on, I presented the photo to two women yesterday, one was black and the other was a Latina. Which one do you think had nothing but derision and scathing negative comments while the other (who knew of Ms. Davis’s acting) thought the picture was natural, showed her in an instant of warranted jubilation and stated she saw nothing negative about the photo? As far as this so-called relationship expert(?) conference focusing on black male/female relationships, a ratio of 18-1 (total lie!) and the alleged black women’s exhausting struggle to find good black men…well…out of respect for the members of this forum, I will refrain from giving my exhaustive opinion. By doing so I would torch this board and probably get banned. I find these so-called symposiums and conferences of the black women whining about a so-called lack of good black men to be a sham, a pathetic and embarrassingly desperate attempt for attention and self-aggrandizement. E’nuff said…..
  10. “Come on man, how are you gonna put Viola Davis and Gabourey Sidibe in the same catagory?” You misunderstood what my point was. My point was having a darker complexion and Negroid facial features puts you at odds with the universal standard of beauty. I was very clear about what the standard is and that it is global. I’m not suggesting that I agree with it -but it is what it is. And nothing said in this forum or by anyone who is black is going to change it…. “Just about the ONLY thing those two women share in common is their dark skin!” Well, I agree. But if Gabby lost 100 pounds -why would Viola Davis be more attractive? What facial features would clearly make her face more attractive than Gabby’s? The structural shape of her face (considering if Gabby lost 100 lbs)? Her nose? The shape and size of her mouth? Spatial separation of the eyes? Her hair? WHAT? Again -what would make, Viola Davis’s face (in your opinion) more attractive than Gabby’s? Details please…. “Nothing against her as a person, but physically speaking Sidibe's lack of physical attractiveness has NOTHING to do with her dark skin and more to do with her weight, bodily shape, and the shape of her face.” ### Once again -I agree. Her weight is a distraction to what she really looks like. And her having a dark complexion only adds fuel to the fire (especially for Negroes). Black people seem to recoil (and for good reasons) to the fact that having a dark complexion lowers a females desirability ranking (when using the universal standard of beauty). The aversion to dark complexions is across the board in most of the world's cultures. Don’t think so? Do you know how many people are in China and India alone? Those two nationalities contribute to slightly under a “third of the world’s population”! For those two groups alone, which do you think elevates a woman’s desirability –a dark complexion or a light complexion? Among Arabic and Latinos (including Brazil), which elevates a woman’s attractiveness –dark complexion or a light complexion? In all of Africa, which color will give a woman greater social opportunity and conjuration –a dark complexion or a light complexion? I can personally tell you a light complexion is seen as most desirable among Koreans, Filipinos, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Japanese, Malaysians, et al. Next to Africa, the Asian market sales for skin lighteners is very strong. Sales are very robust and on an upward trajectory! Skin lighteners are also very popular in parts of the Middle East, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Sorry if this offends you -but it is what it is…. “Are you telling me that if all of her other physical characteristics remained the same but she was 5 shades lighter then all ofa sudden she would be considered attractive?” You didn’t consider the other factors I stated that align with the universal standard. Skin complexion is one factor in the triad. But to answer your question, in my opinion –no! She would still have an unmistakable Negroid face. I personally do not have an issue with it but in terms of global beauty standards, she most likely would fall short. But if she lost the weight, I don’t think she would be as unattractive as you feel. Just my opinion…. Let me further my point. In Singapore, there are three major ethnic groups, Malaysians, Chinese and East Indian. As far as bodies are concerned, the Chinese and Malaysians females have the better bodies, especially legs. The Indian women, not so much when compared side by side to the Malaysians and Chinese. But the Indian women are much more attractive in the face. It’s a no contest bro –TRUST ME! Now, this is what you want to hear –the Indian woman have much darker skin complexions than the Malaysians and Chinese. This harks to a notorious American Negro faux pas, “For a dark skinned gurl she really do look good!” “Look at that Mama June character from Honey BooBoo:” Ya know, I have no idea why you chose to bring this white woman into this discussion. Yes, she is very unattractive. BUT WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO INJECT THIS WOMAN INTO A DISCUSSION ABOUT GABBY SIDIBE AND VIOLA DAVIS? We are discussing the opinions about the controversy of Viola Davis’s cover picture on Time magazine and your comparison to Gabby Sidibe (which I did not understand either). “She's got all the genetics you speak of. Do you think SHE looks better than a dark skinned Viola?either).” Uhhhhh…you really don’t want to go there. Your selection of this white woman was capricious and arbitrary! You picked her specifically to make a nefarious point. Honey Boo Boo’s physical appearance is nowhere near the average looking white female! Black women who look like Viola Davis are common! There is nothing unusual or extreme about the way she looks. I’m not suggesting that she is the standard –but she is not unusual looking! The picture you posted of Honey Boo Boo is unusual and extreme! E’uff said…..
  11. “Hi Cynique an open ended question like that would have been too vague. I could have asked Pioneer's question "what's wrong with this picture" and provided a list of options but, as you said, I wanted know if people thought the photo was racist when asked directly.” There was nothing racist about it. That's the way the woman looks. But for some people, the photograph was troublesome. Why? Well, Viola Davis has unmistakable Negroid DNA that gives her a look many people (mostly Negroes) are uncomfortable with. She has the face and skin complexion of what most people consider the bottom rung of femininity and beauty. Why? Because the universal standard of female beauty consists of light and bright skin, chiseled proportionate small facial features and soft, bouncy naturally straight hair. The complete antithesis of Viola Davis. Not saying I agree with this but it's a nondebatable reality. Viola Davis joins the ranks of black females (e.g., Alek Wek, Missy Elliott, Nina Simone, Uzo Aduba, Gabby Sidibe, et al) who have at some point in their life have faced a tsunami of criticism and hostility for their genetics. Now here is the bone breaking crux of the matter –who do you think is their harshest critics? Answer: OTHER BLACK FEMALES!
  12. “Well, Farrakhan is who instilled a hate of white people into the herd mentality of his following with his inflammatory rhetoric, which is aimed at the emotions instead of the aesthetic. Trashing the white slave masters who stole black people's identity and robbed them of their pride was an ongoing theme of his rants.” Thank you! Farrakhan is a race arsonist. His entire career is steeped in inflammatory racism and anti-Semitism. Some of you may recall years ago, he had a bout with prostate cancer and was peering death in the eyes. He was badly shaken but he did recover. Upon his recovery, he stated “he would no longer indulge in anti-Semitic rhetoric “(his words –not mine!). Well, as you know, that did not last very long. Attempting to defend him from his racism is like defending Donald Trump from being a lair(which is an impossible task…well…unless you’re Sean Hannity or Jeffery Lord). The only person I can think of that was more bombastic and hysterical with his seething racism against Jews and whites was Khalid Muhammad (who Farrakhan dismissed from the NOI). I recall back in the 90’s there was a weekly TV show on Sunday that featured Farrakhan’s speeches. It was nothing less than an hour of ranting railing against white people, Jews, and blacks in interracial relationships (whom he considered race traitors). I still have a few VHS recorded shows of his speeches packed away in a box in my storage facility….