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  1. "...crime is a by-product of a capitalistic society built on racism.." Really? Crime existed BEFORE capitalism. Explain that......
  2. Herscel Walker as a US senator? Ha! Too ridiculous to discuss or take seriously.....
  3. "It is a cliché, but I don't think opposites attract either. I have the most fun with people who I commonality with. Some difference are tolerable but I doubt I could be involved with someone who is an active bumper-sticker-using, maga-hat-wearing, Trump supporter. Now if there were a republican supporter because thet were fiscally conservative that is a different thing, and we could argue the relative benefits of that mind set..." I agree. I could not have worded it better for myself. I am reasonably tolerant of different views. But one thing I will NOT tolerate is Trump apologists and supporters. If they are so-called conservative/Republicans...we can debate policy and politics. I don't have a problem with that. But if you support the toxic and destructive "BIG LIE" of Donald Trump...that's where I draw the line. My issues with him have nothing to do with politics...it is his shameless pathological lying...nauseating arrogance and stunning ignorance that I cannot tolerate. And I also agree with you comment about "opposites attract" as no more than a cliche. Why would someone who is deeply religious be attracted to atheists? Why would a person who has no interest in sports seek out a sports fanatic? Or why would a homebody type of person be attracted to someone who runs the streets and loves going to clubs, bars, street scenes, parties, etc? Makes no sense.....
  4. Two important figures in black American history. Bill Russell was a pioneer in American professional sports and Nichelle Nichols was a trail blazer for blacks in television. Both faced blatant racism and hostility for their chosen paths. Much respect for both stalwart individuals. RIP...
  5. The original post was not made by me Troy....I was only responding to it.
  6. "I'm waiting to see a headline: "Black Scientist Comes Up with Cure For Covid 19!" That indeed would be news." Ha! It would be like saying Lebron James is five months pregnant. Figure the odds.....
  7. "It is obvious 45 is not above risking lives by playing politics with Covid19. In this case 45's whiteness is incidental. This is not white supremacy at work. The is greed, narcissism, sociopathy, and stupidity at work." Agreed....!
  8. "There is nothing like observing a 70 year old negro with a nappy white beard sitting infront of a liquor store drinking cherry Kool-aid and eating skittles shamelessly begging for money as he grins and lets his bright red tongue just flap away! Many of our people have become a living mockery in society." Well, not much you can say to that. It seems this particular behavior is common among Americans Negroes. Only they have the power to change it. Unfortunately, I don't see anything currently nor in the future that is going to change any of it .....
  9. So, according to you, love cannot endure the the ravages of prison time. Ok...so what next? Just curious......
  10. “ i have seen maury's show but i don't watch it regularly for obvious reasons.” That’s probably a good idea. But if you have seen it, so much for the black female damsel in distress and needing a black man’s defense…
  11. I saw this. Awesome story about a man who lived an incredible life. Can you imagine the changes this black man saw in his life's journey? Amazing....
  12. ”Give that we BOTH agree that this would be a disaster......wouldn't you like to know IF factors were being introduced into YOUR environment to increase the amount of homosexuality?” Ha! I’m still trying to bend my mind around your suggestion that there could possibly be "factors to increase black homosexuality". I’ve never heard of such thinking (black people possibly being targeted for homosexual population increases). Perhaps you could articulate what you think these factors could be if it were to happen….
  13. "We can't rely on the bias and highly erroneous methods of Western scholarship to organize and preserve data...especially when it comes from people of color. " Really? Ok. So, can you recommend a complimentary and proven non-western method of scholarship and documentation? Since you loathe and dismiss Western standards of science and academic scholarship, I'm sure you can provide us with an equal (or even superior) non-white methodology. I'm kinda excited and looking forward to your listing of proven non-Western alternative disciplines and methodologies....
  14. "I believe many of these social pathologies are as a direct result of AfroAmericans as a group TRYING to copy Caucasians and adopt Caucasians morality, ethics, and social/sexual habits instead of developing those of our own." Oh really? So, you believe most of the dysfunction found in American Negro culture is a direct result of Negroes attempting to emulate white people and white culture? Is what you really believe?
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