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  1. @Troy @Pioneer1Wow... this may not seem like much, but what happened here is what I was speaking of about having our own platform to piece shit together. Just think how we all, well, Troy and Pioneer1 have personal stories about Stephanie Mills. Well, I do to. She lived in Charlotte for a while and was involved with a local DJ, so she could be seen, and me, being me, was trying to find a way to get at her. Never mind that, but the fact that three of us, in different parts of the country all have info on something or someone, and just like that, through our observations, we were able to ascerta
  2. Brother, I cannot even begin to express how how I now cling to the concept you just mentioned. I know I have been bamboozled as Malcolm would say and i have just began, like this week, to assume everything is false that I have learned and upon reviewing them in a more scientific and objective fashion, I have been able to re-adjust my focus. What I have discovered is that many times, I was not informed, but influenced.
  3. Brother, you are on point. Dig this, I just read an article where a guy said that the problem is that we let opinions and ideas go unchecked for fear of offending others. It's wrong not to question things because if we simply allow false notions to persist, it can be damaging. The reason a lot of lies exist is because we never challenged them though we knew them to be wrong. Considering the position we are in as a people or as a nation, we cannot reman silent in the face of lies. Keep on providing your light. In the joint, what is true as you mentioned is how your mind should be free. Use
  4. i am, like you ,a believer in conscious living but sadly, we all, for the most part, live in alternate realities. What you consciously experience may not be a reality for me. What happens is frustration because I can fit my conscious perspective into the perspective you have invented for yourself. It like eyewitness accounts. For example, we can witness the same fight and walk away with differing accounts and opinions of who won. Or what about a wreck. We both see the accident but I saw car A as wrong whereas you swear Car B was wrong. No matter what I perceive as real due to what I consciousl
  5. http://soulfire.thanks.us/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/runners-635906_640-300x200.jpg yeah, I could have been something special, but one night I saw something that had rocked my world. From almost the very first day that I was able to discern the nuances of speech and language, I was cautioned against going on 7th Street at night, especially a Friday night. During the day, 7th Street, it seemed, was no different than 6th Street where I stayed, but on the weekend, something or someone—the devil, perhaps—shook 7th Street up until it vomited, throwing up all the bitterness and anger
  6. Yeah, we the only ones who don't treat time as an investment to getting better while inside. There was an old saying. DON'T SERVE TIME. MAKE TIME SERVE YOU. but jail is the one place where we exercise POWER. We run shit inside and maybe that is why we flock to our power base. Dig this, throughout my convict life, I have constantly ran ito brothers that I have practically grown up with from juvenile to the big house. See them over and over again. On the state. In the feds but guess what? I hardly even see Asians but once. They don't keep coming back.
  7. Man, I think I finally know how to usethe quote button effectively. Yeah, you are right. We are too strong. Like when we go to prison, we just grit our teeth and handle it. White boys will try to escape, but we just rely on our strength to make it through. No matter, we just tuff it out and in the end we declare ourselves the winners since we have gone toe-to-toe with the man and we took hiis best shots and we still standing. we love to show off the big muscles we got inside, but we hide the thousand emotional wounds we suffered on the road to being valiant sufferers. Just think. There a
  8. Time. Wow.. sometimes when I hear that word, it makes me tremble. TIME! For someone who has ever done "TIME" the word is frightening, especially when you must confront it with its boxing gloves on. For most, time is an anonymous fear that has no shape or form. It just is, but when you go to prison, TIME because a living, breathing monster that you have to either tame or die. Prison transform TIME into the proverbial monkey on your back. It is always there like a bad habit you can't shake. In prison. TIME awards you nothing but the challenge to defeat it.When I was a rookie at goin
  9. First, some good news. If there is such a thing as a natural remedy for success, it would certainly be time, but just what is this phenomenon that most of us tolerate with only a mild curiosity? Can it be harnessed? Can it be regulated or reduced? How do we establish a long-term relationship with it? Are there any hard-and-true “rules of the road” when it comes to confronting time in an effort to mastering it? From the very moment of our conception, we are born ready to run away from time, the one thing we can’t escape. No matter what we do or
  10. THIS IS REAL! BLACK MALES ARE AT RISK. WHO IS NEXT!? Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr photo Mark Ciavarella Jr AFRICANGLOBE – Disgraced Pennsylvania judge Mark Ciavarella Jr has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for conspiring with private prisons to sentence juvenile offenders to maximum sentences for bribes and kickbacks which totaled millions of dollars. He was also ordered to pay $1.2 million in restitution. In the private prison industry the more time an inmate spends in a facility, the more of a profit is reaped from the state. Ciavearella was a figurehead in a conspiracy in the s
  11. Nothing is more intimately related to the emotional welfare of the black male than the sum of his fears. From the start, it would be rather amiss of me if I didn’t relate that what I have discovered about fear is that fear can be either a life experience or a life sentence dependent upon the torque and velocity of that particular fear. For example, my fear of fire has prevented me from foolishly thrusting my hand into an open flame, and it is precisely fear of this nature that has proven to be a life-affirming experience. Then you have, on the other hand, those fears that are so mind-numbing
  12. That is how we do it, Fam! It's so assuring when we can deal with each other in a spirit of reconciliation.
  13. Given the way things go, I do think the plan has merit although it would never have a chance at being operational. I mean, all the ingredients are there. Just like during Reconstruction when it happened initially a war was raging Well, this is a war as well. It was declared a war by the government; The War on Drugs. Therefore, we meet the first requirement. Secondly, it was acknowledged that these guys were criminals who had taken up arms against the government. Drug-dealers are indeed criminals who have taken a stance contra the government. Via Truth and Reconciliation trials, sanctioned and
  14. Though, at the outset, this may seem totally foolish financially, but it has been done before and with great success, I might add. As they say, drastic times require drastic measures, so consider this. First, some historical background. After the Civil War, a great deal of land was confiscated from the southern rebels as contraband of war. In any event, there was some talk of this land being distributed among the newly freed slaves in those parts of the country. It was a noble thought and would have been an even nobler gesture had it taken place. It didn’t, though. Wha
  15. For once in my life, I can offer the news that a city in NC has put forth a REPARATIONS package for the black residents of Asheville. It is hoped that what happens in Asheville will become a model for the rest of the nation. The city council voted unanimously to issue an apology for slavery and promised to pour money into investments into the black neighborhoods. No money will be paid out to individuals, but a newly formed Commission was formed so that the money could be allocated accordingly. Two other cites, Providence, Rhode Island, and Richmond VA have followed the
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