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  1. My sentiments exactly. Literature is the pulse of a people.
  2. Wow... it sure feels good to hear someone make mention of Franz Fanon. The Wretched of The Earth was required reading back in the days when I really believe there was going to be a revolution. I sincerely commend your intent to involve yourself in community activism. I, too, have made the same commitment. Peace and Progress!
  3. Peace: Just wanted to congratulate you and to commend you for your desire to learn. That, alone with your eagerness to ask for guidance and knowledge, is a surefire way to assure that you will succeed in your quest to learn. However, I humbly request that in your search to find us, as a people, that you do not surrender the search for YOURSELF. You will always be a student of the things you don't know, but you must always be a master of yourself. Conquer SELF first and the world will be yours for the asking! Peace.
  4. As soon as I got busted for the robbery, I immediately went to work piecing together an alibi since I knew that I had not robbed the place, but let me give you the back story. After getting out of the feds for bank robbery, I got a gig at a Pizza Hut where the wife of my co-defendant on the bank robberies work. I was cool with working and I worked every day, and since I was trying to stack up a lil paper, I worked any time anyone wanted to take a day off. I eagerly filled in. I was still in the federal Halfway House and though I could come and go pretty much as I pleased, I had a 10:00 curfew.
  5. Yes, brother Pioneer. You could have been a lawyer, but yes, despite witnesses, the white woman's voice was what decided it. I have never thought of the camera because this Traffic Court, though 100 percent legit, was conducted in what appeared to be more of a classroom than a courtroom. Yet, they should have had some surveillance. Thanks. I didn't provide the rest of the story because I was wondering what others would see, but man, yeah, that camera angle is worth investigating. I will provide the investigatory part of the story later, and it will blow your mind. The woman said the robber w
  6. It just may be that after three decades, there is a very slight chance that I may get the chance, at last, to formally address what happened to me on May 18th 1983. It was on that day, a bright, sunny May morning that I stepped off my front porch and it took me over ten years to get back. I was arrested for a crime I didn't commit. Here's the story. At approximately 8:00am on that morning I received a phone from one of my girlfriends, who was in jail. The other one was beside me in bed. The women were best friends and had been even before I had met them. Anyway, the girlfriend within reach, an
  7. Right now at this very moment, my personal definition of success is to be free of pain. During the course of my life, I have had varying ideas of success but what has always remained constant is that I have come to define my individual success by how much my life hurts. I have, at times, though briefly, experienced financial success and equally as brief, I have known romantic success, but I have never been able to get a starring role in the big picture of my life so I have been forced to compartmentalize my "successes". This means a get-in-where-you-fit-in type of existence where most of what
  8. Chapter 2 One of the most intriguing aspects of time is your relationship with it and one of the most amazing discoveries of your lifetime will commence once you understand my next principle: evolvement versus involvement. Take a brief second to digest this: all of your future decisions will be determined by how much information you provide yourself about you to YOU! Again, it cannot be overemphasized that time is the natural context from which you will construct your choices which, by design, keep track of your decisions. Also know for a certainty that bad choices
  9. too fast, brotha. That was the year I got my first case. Got put on probation. Wasn't really, actually probation but it was since I had some outsider checking on me all the time.
  10. When you take a look at your personal history, the one thing you will be forced to contend with is the fact that what you are doing right now is establishing a reputation that is sure to outlive you. Be advised that right now, at this very moment, you are building your legacy. In essence, you are cementing the posterity you will leave behind to be viewed by your loved ones. Long after you are dead and gone, your deeds will continue to testify either for or against you. Oftentimes, the preacher will embellish his eulogy to make you seem more saintly than you actually were, but what
  11. @DelanoOkay, my brother. I have dabbled in the occult from time to time at various points in my existence. I mean really dabbled. I recall my first deck of Tarot Cards. I wanted to throw them away but couldn't resist the notion to try my hand at readings. I was locked up at the time and I would have people flocking to me for a reading. I was a chain-gang mystic. Was introduced to yoga and meditation in 76 and my interest in arcane knowledge grew but knowing me, I went deeper and darker.
  12. WOW....I am shocked. No BS. I am surprised and shocked. Not Cynique. I knew something was up when I never saw her on any of the threads. Trust me, I said a few things to draw her out but when she never straightened me out, I became fearful. It's like when i come home from prison, I would be hesitant to ask about certain people since they might may passed on. Anyway, Cynique used to check me a lot when I first came on the site many years ago. She made me be hyper-vigilant about what I said. Given that, the last book I wrote was deliberately written in a super-controlled way because of its natur
  13. @Troy @Pioneer1Wow... this may not seem like much, but what happened here is what I was speaking of about having our own platform to piece shit together. Just think how we all, well, Troy and Pioneer1 have personal stories about Stephanie Mills. Well, I do to. She lived in Charlotte for a while and was involved with a local DJ, so she could be seen, and me, being me, was trying to find a way to get at her. Never mind that, but the fact that three of us, in different parts of the country all have info on something or someone, and just like that, through our observations, we were able to ascerta
  14. Brother, I cannot even begin to express how how I now cling to the concept you just mentioned. I know I have been bamboozled as Malcolm would say and i have just began, like this week, to assume everything is false that I have learned and upon reviewing them in a more scientific and objective fashion, I have been able to re-adjust my focus. What I have discovered is that many times, I was not informed, but influenced.
  15. Brother, you are on point. Dig this, I just read an article where a guy said that the problem is that we let opinions and ideas go unchecked for fear of offending others. It's wrong not to question things because if we simply allow false notions to persist, it can be damaging. The reason a lot of lies exist is because we never challenged them though we knew them to be wrong. Considering the position we are in as a people or as a nation, we cannot reman silent in the face of lies. Keep on providing your light. In the joint, what is true as you mentioned is how your mind should be free. Use
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