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  1. No, the LAW is the LAW. What I infer is that all of us be permitted a seat at the table. I, for one, would not be asking anyone for anything to distinguish themselves, and I don't think there need be any qualifiers. Plus, I was speaking in terms of the Revolution and social change. and not The Awakening. which is a spiritual change/transformation. The call for change is political and social. The LAW, once it is established, is a Way of Life. I think the topic was about how homosexuals fit into the black struggle. The GREAT AWAKENING is not a struggle. It is an EVENT awaiting fruition.
  2. ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... This is one of the very first videos I saw when I first started my study. It is simple and straightforward. Anyway, what I hoped is that all will study to see what it is. The info is out there to either be believed, argued about or dismissed. Do your own research. I just hope that we don't get caught up in the small things wherein we may disagree and not focus on the common ground. Let's build from that. Sure, the data can be confusing which helps to give us cause to divide into sects. We are good at doing this. I remember what Malcolm once said about the Nation of Islam when he was still down. I paraphrase. "Man, we had a good thing going, but we messed it up" Yes, we are good at messing things up as well, so we will have to wait and see just what happens. This is THE GREAT AWAKENING. I believe that nothing or no one can wake you up until it is time.
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    There is a new vid by The hebrew Israelite Online Institute about how recently DNA23 and me has made it more difficult. Well, I will find link but here is something. Yes, the Hebrews did intermarry with others but we looked like them long before any contact. We were both dark-skinned, so we looked like them. Joseph looked like them long before the Hebrews even came into prolonged contact with the Egyptians to even intermarry. Same with Moses, we have always looked alike and it has nothing to do with marriage. We looked alike because we were both both dark. Tit.he below is from Dr. Ephraim, I will find the video and post it Hebrew Israelite Online Learning Institute Owner   Ethiopians Are Not Hebrew Israelites By Blood i.e. Seeds of Jacob....They Are Converts From The Bloodline Of HAM by way of CUSH... And they need to stop LYING to the world as well. They are no different than those converted Khazarian and Ashkenazi so-called "Jews" that occupy The Land of Israel today. Ethiopians are CUSHITES from the bloodline of HAM, This is a GENETIC FACT. It's one thing for them to humble themselves and SOJOURN with The True Children of Israel, But these people have been lying ans masquerading around as "God's Chosen People" the same as those other false Jews. King Shalmaneser replaced The 10 Tribes of Israel in Samaria with The Ethiopians, and why Yeshu'a HaMashiac instructed his Disciples not to go anywhere near The Samaritans/Ethiopians: Matthew 10:5 "......and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not" And that's exactly why Christ put the Samaritan/Ethiopian woman in check at the well when she tried to tell Him the Lie that the land she dwelled belonged to her forefathers, Christ put a halt to that immediately when she said: John 4:20-22 20 Our fathers worshipped in this mountain; and ye say, that in Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship. 21 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. 22 Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for SALVATION IS OF THE JEWS. In other words, the TRUE JEWS, Not you and your impostor Ethiopian brethren, occupying their land and PRETENDING to BE them! In lay terms, you don't know what you're talking about. Ethiopians have told many, many LIES on THE MOST HIGH and HIS True Chosen Nation, You think HE doesn't know who they REALLY are and what they've done? That's why He said: Zephaniah 2:12 12 Ye Ethiopians also, ye shall be slain by my sword. And ain't nothing left to talk about, that says it ALL, so yall better get ready too! REPENT for all of your transgressions against THE MOST HIGH and His people or be destroyed! Your choice.... The Biggest LIE of all The Ethiopians have perpetuated is Solomon having a bastard child with "Queen of Sheba" named Menelik, LIE, LIE, LIE!!! This also has genetically been proven FALSE, and they've been living off this LIE since forever. Don't believe these Liars my people, if Solomon had a male child with this woman, the child's Genealogy would HAVE to be included in Torah because that speaks directly to the King/Priestly Line of David, Who do these people really think they're playing with???! Like seriously? I swear, and they got our Jamaican brothers and sisters fooled, hook, line and sinker with this MADNESS!! smh Tangent is over my people, I've provided DNA Data, and identify the Nations that came out of Ham (by so-called Race) and Their Haplotype is E1B1B1, But again, these LIARS have the world thinking and believing that E1B1B1 Is "Jewish" when CLEARLY that Haplotype is HAMITIC and belongs to the descendants of HAM...Negroes are E1B1A and the only TRUE seed of Jacob walking around in the earth today,Negroes we are NOT from the same Nation/Bloodline of Egyptians, Nubians, Cushites, Ethiopians or Africans, don't let anybody pedal those LIES to you, DNA DESTROYS IT! Please LIKE AND SHARE!!! #DrEphraimIsTheTruth #TheyGonnaGetThisWork #LiftUpYourSkirt #Exposed #Indisputable #Irrefutable #RightAndExact #YouJustGonnaHaveToBeMad #LOL
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    The free book giveaway is over, but will be giving away another soon.
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    The thing about prison reform is that it is a two-headed monster. First, the public does not truly care about what goes on inside the joint. They feel they since prisoners are locked up, that their confinement has no direct bearing on them. Most figure that since they are in prison that they must have done something to be there. Well, there are some innocent men and women inside. Notwithstanding that, there still should be guidelines to help improve the prisoners so that when they are released, they will at least consider becoming a productive, law-abiding citizen. If not, then these same people are let go to terrorize you. When it comes to getting out of the joint, some convicts are RELEASED. Some are UNLEASHED! The ones that are unleashed are like rabid, mad dogs who have been chained to a stake, and once unleashed---they do damage. In fact, that is their intention. This in merely speculation on my part, but yeah, I know that it is possible. Anyway, in most walks of life or in every profession, you can reach a level where you feel "entitled" and it is this feeling of entitlement that drives you into believing some BS about what you have coming. For example, white folks feel a sense of entitlement due to skin. Beautiful women get a sense of entitlement due to their looks. Even a baby feels a sense of entitlement. That's just how natural it is. Well, convicts feel a sense of entitlement also. However, they usually feel entitled to "Revenge". I don't care how much time a convict has, there come a definite point in his confinement when he feels he is entitled to release. Yeah, it is real. It happens. Every time I do time, a day will come when I have had enough, and if I could get released at that particular moment, I probably would never commit another crime. Usually, when that day passes, it's all downhill. My ultimate moment of rehab has come and gone, so the rest of my bid is filled with rage and anger.It's like, "you motherfuckers should have let me go when i was ready to be good. Now, F---ck you. Just wait until they unleash me on your ass." Now, as for the politicians and such. During the early 90s, liberal-minded people pushed to change the conditions of prisons in North Carolina and Jesse Helms, a senator at the time, had a fit. He screamed bloody murder that a convict could look at TV in prison, could shoot pool and play basketball. He had the Pell Grants stopped which made it easy for convicts to take college colleges. Many others felt he had a point. If their children had to pay to go to college, why should a convict get a free pas?. After this, prisons were normalized with prisoners left with a lot of time and not much to do with it. During this time, I took a full load of classes. They offered degree courses in business administration, and liberal arts. Quite naturally, I studied liberal arts. The professors came in from The University of Wisconsin at Baraboo, and when I made the Dean's List, i was just another student. No one knew I was a convict. I also studied in prison with professors from East Carolina University who came in and taught. Professors from HBCU schools such as Shaw University came in and offered a full array of college programs. In the fed joint in Wisconsin, the joint was set up like a college campus. We went to school all day just like on a regular campus. We didn't have to work. We just went to classes. Another main reason that no ones want to reform prison is because the people inside that you are trying to assist are not that endearing. It's kinda hard to work on someone's behalf who just might kill you once they get out.
  6. I imagine for once I can subscribe to the notion that "Ignorance is bliss". I was ignorant of the fact that people relied on the internet for news! Of course, I see it, but most of it seems outlandish like those tabloid stories you find at checkout counters at grocery stores. I scroll right past them. Though now, I recognize that with the professional trolling going on that the fake news is better packaged which bolsters the alleged truth of the article. Honestly, though, I am a newbie when it comes to the internet. I stay in my lane which means that I am usually on this site, or I'm using WORD to write. I listen to the blues on YouTube. There are not many other sites that I frequent so I basically know little about the vastness of the internet and just what it is capable of. I know how timid that sounds but I am always afraid that I may venture somewhere, pick up a virus, and lose all my data. All this means that I am computer illiterate. And yes, ignorance is not bliss, though.
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    Herein lies my dilemma. I don't really understand that approach, but I do recall that you mentioned it a while back. Sadly, I do not sell my books direct. I did once on my other website, but I have never been able to get any traction so I stopped. I am just now re-starting everything. I even went back to the bank to reopen the business account, but because my partner had an issue with owing the bank money on some unclosed accounts, it was taking too long to unravel all the loose ends so I went the Amazonian way. I thought that I was copying the link address and I'm sure that is the icon I clicked on. Yet, the link goes to the image. That is precisely why I write and leave the admin stuff to others. Currently, my admin person is on a spiritual mission to "find herself" so I don't know when she will be back. Thx.
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    links to my books http://www.soulfirebooks.com/picks/books/the-unmaking-of-the-black-man_full.jpg http://www.soulfirebooks.com/picks/books/black-pearl_full.jpg http://www.soulfirebooks.com/picks/books/columbus-day-conspiracy_full.jpg http://www.soulfirebooks.com/picks/books/one-foot-in-the-grave_full.jpg https://www.amazon.com/Fork-Spoon-Diary-Gibran-Tariq-ebook/dp/B07FJR18CB/ http://www.soulfirebooks.com/picks/books/the-talented-xth_full.jpg http://www.soulfirebooks.com/picks/books/snapshots_full.jpg
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  10. Lastly this. Here is scientific proof that supports unequivocally that we, the so-called black man and black woman in Amerikkka, are the folks in the Bible. So far, nothing has been able to refute DNA. It is universally accepted that DNA proof is ironclad. DNA markers are accurate when they pinpoint West Africa as the place of residence for most of us who are presently here in this country because it is true enough that we did emerge out of the West Coast of Africa, but that is not where we were from. Israel is our ancestral homeland. Luckily for us, a science called haplotype picks up where DNA leaves off. Accordingly, the E1b1A haplogroup is known to be most common in West Africa, the place we were kidnapped from. So what? We already knew that we came from West Africa, but what we didn’t know is that this exact same haplotype is traced back to Abraham, the patriarch of The Bible. Simply put, our biblical as well as our genealogical roots are directly connected with the bloodline of those people in The Bible. Told you. Those were our folks. We are indeed the seed of Abraham. The same test when applied to the so-called Jews now in Israel showed conclusively that they are, in no way, of the biblical bloodline of the ancient people of Israel. They are imposters. They are Khazarans and Ashkenazis. Maybe that has been the reason why, under their law, lineage is traced through the mother which is contrary to natural law because lineage is typically always determined via the bloodline of the father. Now, the cat is out of the bag. Somebody been playing us! Brothers and sisters, WAKE UP! We gotta REPENT. All this stuff is well-known. I have even seen videos online of TD Jakes admitting that we are who we are. Also saw Farrakhan do the same. WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL! There are white scholars online that will point out that we are ‘Dem People’. Everyone knows who we are, except us. Any reasonable black person, has, at some time or another, probably shook their heads, wondering in astonishment at the condition of black people. How can this be? What is wrong with us? It just doesn’t seem real for a people to suffer so much, and to always be on the bottom. Has it ever felt like what has happened to us and is still happening to us is unreal? Well, you now know why. It is from God. I mean, there is no way that our predicament could have just accidentally happened because it just defies reason that a people could be so maligned, so universally despised. And why has nothing worked to relieve our conditions? Ain’t nuthn’ nobody can do. We stuck. God put this on us and only God can set us free, but here’s the end game. WAKE UP! O Tribe of Judah, God has said that He is waiting for us to return to Him. God has said that He has loved us like a man loves his wife. I cannot stress this enough. God is our God, and He does not offer this type of props to any other people. He calls Himself The God of Israel. Our God! Dig this. God has set up apart to such a degree that we are Hebrews and that everyone else on the planet, Africans included, are gentiles. Do you understand the import of that? It is us against the world. We are so special that God made us His possession solely. We Special. There is us-----and then there is the rest of the world. Please allow me to throw some more stuff at you, okay? Who are those people in Israel who have stolen our identity? They are Khazars and a long time ago, they lived in a place called Turkistan in the northern Caucasus, and they were getting squeezed by the Muslims on one side, and Christians on the right. They were in a position where they either had to choose to become Muslim or Christian. Being smart, they opted to convert to Judaism. As part of the conspiracy to be us, the Khazars were the principals in the slave trade. Why? To be us, they had to get rid of us so they partnered with the sons of Ham, the Africans, to get shed of us. The plan, apparently, was a good one, wouldn’t you agree? But dig this. In 1948, when the fake jews moved into Israel, Gamal Abdul Nasser, President of Egypt, was asked about this so-called return of the jews to Israel, he declared in a Time magazine article that those jews would never be accepted because “they left black and came back white.” He knew that those people were imposters and were, in no way, the real Children of Israel. Should it make you upset that another group of people have been masquerading as you, reaping all the benefits and rewards that belong to you? Look at how Trump and all the other world leaders fawn over Israel, giving the country millions of dollars when anyone over there gets a cold, and we can’t get one red cent over here to saves our lives. The world hates us, Israel. It’s us against them. But did you know that, at one time, we were the most feared people on the face of the planet. In our glory days, we called the shots. Couldn’t nobody hang with us. Wow….this is so beautiful. When God parted the Red Sea for us, the rest of the world at that time heard of this, and it shook them to their core. They were absolutely afraid of The Children of Israel who had a God that powerful. You see, back then, everything that happened to or for a people, was due to the gods they worshipped. Then, men did nothing without reliance on their god, but this God of Israel was something they were not prepared for. The world heard and they attributed all the things we were doing to the Might of our God, which was true. They had their gods. We had God! In The Bible, it is said that men fainted with fear because of us. Can you imagine the terror that gripped everyone in the then known world when it was broadcast that we have destroyed Jericho, simply by marching around the city seven times until the walls of the city imploded. Darned walls just collapsed! Man, the world was horrified. Nothing in recorded history had ever happened like this. Surely, Israel had a most powerful God. People didn’t want to tangle with us, so they just surrendered. They knew they couldn’t whup us. And God took a special delight in showing us, as well as the rest of the world, that He was like that. I remember one incident in particular where God wanted to make a point. This is all in The Bible, our historical record. Has anyone ever heard of The Apocrypha? What about The Book of Jasher? Oh, no wonder you don’t know this stuff. Anyway, we had to tussle with an enemy who had about 30, 000 men ready to wage war against us. We had about 30, 000 warriors to, but our God spoke through a prophet to tell us that He was going to show those other folks something. So God sent us out to war with only a small force. We were outnumbered about ten to one, but we whupped ‘em! I’m telling you, the world feared Judah. Throughout the Bible, nations of the world have brazenly conspired against us to “cause us to be in remembrance no more”. The world has always sought to destroy us. They did it then, and they are still attempting to erase us off the face of the earth simply because our God is God. Hopefully, you will WAKE UP and join THE GREAT AWAKENING!!!! O God, Hear the cry of Your People Israel
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    oh yeah, due to our "messing up" it opened up the door for the Gentiles to be "grafted" in. Hooray for them. I don't wish to sound racist, but my primary focus is to awaken the so-called black man and black woman in America up. Had to know it was coming early on when Jesus chastised the Hebrews telling them that if the works he did in front of them had been performed elsewhere, the people would have bowed down and got right, but not us. But how can you blame anyone for trying to get in when they fit in. Check out the video. I will post a video
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    yes, there was a lot of intermixing. We were warned about this very same thing. We were cautioned by God not to intermarry and to keep our line pure. But there was this fascination with foreign women. And you are right, there were white folks that were in Egypt prior to Moses, and a lot of times when I say black, I mean black not actually skin tone as David was ruddy and this causes confusion because most people assume ruddy to meant reddish which it does, but redddish like a light-skinned person. Malcolm X was ruddy. During our flight from the Romans, some of us chose to remain in place and these are The Igos and the Lembas, who though still in Africa are Shemites. The rest of us are scattered. Like the Lembas like to say, "We are not lost, we are scattered."
  13. Everyone knows that the Jews are God’s Chosen People, but everyone believes that the Jews who now occupy Israel are the trues ones spoken of in the Bible. Well, they are not the ones, we are. Thankfully, God said that He would leave a mark upon His people that would serve as a sign for who they are. I welcome you, at this point, to pull out your Bibles and turn to Deuteronomy 28. This was a very defining moment for us because it is through these specific passages that we are DEFINED. Please permit me the simple pleasure of telling you just how important that moment was. It was big for us because we are the only people that God Almighty made a covenant with. The Ten Commandments were meant specifically for us. God was not talking to any other people except us---His Chosen Ones in the exact same way that Jesus mentioned on more than one instance that he had come only to the lost sheep of Israel. As harsh as it may sound, Jesus’ whole ministry was not to save the world, but to save us, the Chosen Ones of God, the lost sheep of Israel. For the record, Jesus was from the tribe of Judah, the exact same tribe that we are from. In essence, Jesus was our homeboy. Okay, one other regression. Hitler knew who we are. There is a film as well as a book where Hitler patiently explains to his top generals who the true Jews were. He told them that the blacks were the real Jews. I guess that Hitler wanted it known that he was not killing God’s people because he once remarked about how America would one day be punished for enslaving God’s people. As bad as Hitler was, he was not foolish enough to tinker with God’s Chosen Ones. He left that up to Uncle Sam. Now, back to the story. Upon the Mount that day, Moses informed the newly-freed Hebrews whom he gathered together and proclaimed before them the news that on that day: “Take heed and listen, O Israel. This day you have become the people of the Lord your God.” He went on to spell out to us in clear, specific terms about what was about to go down. Moses told the Hebrews that if they obeyed God that they would be blessed. He also told them that they would be cursed if they failed to obey the commandments of God. We, via our forefathers, disobeyed God by worshipping false idols, and sure enough the aforementioned curses fell upon us. Since it is by way of these curses that the true Children of God are marked, let’s take a peek at them. Well, read ‘em and weep. Deuteronomy Chapter 28, verses 14-68. I implore, encourage, urge, and pray that you will study the video on YouTube called (1)THE CURSES OF TRUE ISRAEL. (2) THE CURSES OF THE BOOK OF DEUTERONOMY 28: 14-68. There are others. Please see for yourself. This is no joke. At last, the truth is before you. God, Most High, declared that if we disobeyed Him that He would send us back to Egypt in ships. What did that mean? Let’s break it down. Biblically, Egypt was known to the Hebrews as “the house of bondage” so when we were told that we would get shipped back to Egypt, God didn’t mean the physical place named Egypt. What was referenced was that we would again be sent into bondage, only this time in ships. Sound familiar. Ever wonder why we seem to be everywhere. Well, it is because God said that He would scatter us among all the nations of the world. In those verses, God tells us that we shall betroth a wife, but that another man shall lie with her. That happened quite a lot in slavery, don’t you think? We were also told that we would build a house but another man would live in it. What else was said? Oh yeah, what about the verse that says that our sons and daughters would be taken away from us and sold and that there would be nothing we could do about it. God told us in those verses that He would send against us an enemy from afar, a nation whose tongue we wouldn’t understand. He said that we would became “an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword” among all the nations where He would send us. I mean, shoot, we are an astonishment to each other. Just keeping it real, I have to admit that the black youth of today are an astonishment to me, but I remember how parents in the 70s were astonished at the youth of that time. As for bywords…..what about nigger, coon, monkey, Sambo? All these biblical markers identify us as the Children of Israel, God’s Chosen Ones. And sure enough, God punished us as any parent would when their children are disobedient. We openly disobeyed God and the aforementioned curses are the reason why we are suffering today, but are you ready to hear about the remedy? That’s right, there is a remedy. And given the cruel nature of our suffering, it would seem almost implausible to suggest a remedy that is so distinguishingly simple that it almost defies logic. However, God has told us that He will end our suffering if we REPENT and turn back to Him. However, there is a slight spiritual catch, namely that we must repent as a nation! It’s that simple. All we must do is to collectively REPENT. This has always been the key for us. Whoa, wait a minute. If that has been the key for us, does that mean that this is not the first time we have had to do this repentance thing? Let me pull your coat to something. The Bible ain’t nothing but our history book. The whole Bible is about us------and not about any other peoples on the entire face of the earth! And yes, due to our stiff-necked disobedience to God, we have been slaves practically all of our existence. Let me pause for a moment just to allow a moment of reverence for what now is. All at once, our complete heritage is before us. We can, at last, KNOW. We no longer have to assume shit. The truth is here, and the unadulterated truth is that of all the people on the planet, we are the only people that God calls His Own. Celebrate that, although the behavior of our forefathers was less than stellar and due to the choices they made, we were doomed to the misery we now suffer. It’s all about us. US! Okay, let me stop stalling. The truth will no longer permit me to be soft or apologetic so I boldly assert that God is personal with us. All those prophets in The Bible did not come for any other people. They came to warn us and to call us back to the right path. Not them. God Himself says that He is the God of Israel. In the Bible, God laments over our disobedience. In essence, we disappointed our God, who chose us to be His representatives on earth. We were supposed to teach the world how to live. We were to be the leaders of the world. Look at us. Even in our depraved state, the whole world emulates us. I don’t give a damn what we do, the rest of the world immediately follows suit. They want to be like us, they emulate our style, our dress, our culture. We are the best athletes and entertainers. In biblical lore, Judah was known as “the praisers”. Imagine that. We are praised all over the world for our abilities. Brothers and sisters, we were born to lead the world, but we are leading them to hell. Just remember that we can rule again as in the days of Solomon. All we have to do is to REPENT as a nation. To show how personal it is between Almighty God and us, His people, check out Isaiah 3: 18-26. Here, God chastises the black woman, known as the Daughters of Zion. It is and has never been any secret that the black woman is the most beautiful in existence. However, due to her great beauty, the sistas became “all that and a bag of chips”, and had to get straightened out. God Himself said that sistas were “haughty and walked with outstretched neck and wanton eyes.” Sistas were so sassy and fresh that God Almighty said that he would strike the Daughters of Zion with a scab on the crown of their heads. The verse reads that “Instead of well-set hair, baldness.” God said that this hair problem was meant to brand the sistas. Don’t get much more personal than that, does it, sistas? Now, you know exactly why your hair won’t grow. God also said that the brothas would die by the sword. We may be His children, but He doesn’t play with us. If, by chance, you have a few more minutes to spare, I would enjoy the privilege of taking you on a brief biblical journey depicting a spiritual snapshot of our trek into spiritual darkness and physical damnation. If you think we are something else now, rest assured that we were just as something else way back then, and it was this attitude that kept getting us in trouble with God. I mean, it has always been personal between God and us. He said that He had set us apart as His personal treasure. Wow….that’s deep. And it is good for us that God also said that he would never cast us away because we started acting up almost from the time we left Egypt. Anyway, due to our disobedience to God, we were enslaved by the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, but it was the Romans who did us the most damage, and the reason we were even on the West Coast of Africa is that we fled there to get away from Roman persecution. Is the picture getting any clearer now? Oh yeah, lest I forget, I must add that by the time of the Roman slaughter of us, ten of the twelve tribes of Israel had been dispersed and the two remaining tribes, Judah and Benjamin, simply became The tribe of Judah. Now, for a review. Judah was the name of the Israelite tribe that fled into Africa to get away from the Romans, and guess what happened to Judah? It shouldn’t take much to decipher that it was Judah who the Africans sold into slavery and put upon the ships going to America and elsewhere. Once more, we are the descendants of the tribe of Judah. Moreover, we are Judah! Okay, let’s get back to the part about repenting. On each and every one of those occasions mentioned above about us being in captivity by some other people, the suffering always ended when the people, as a nation REPENTED. It worked every time, but during all the other periods of our enslavement, we went in bondage together so whenever we got tired of worshipping other people’s idols, all we had to do was to get together and to repent. With us, it is different this time. You see, in those earlier captivities, we knew exactly who we were. We were just rebellious. In this present period of affliction, we do not know who we are so we don’t know what to do to get right. God was so through with us that this time, he split us up and scattered us to the four corners of the globe. This unarguably was going to be a major obstacle to any national day of repentance as in times past because we are scattered. But right now before your very eyes, black people all over the world are waking up to who we are. This is The Great Awakening. This is real. Look on YouTube and check out videos from people like The Kingdom Preppers, Truth Unedited, The School of Hebrews, The Seed of Israel, and countless more. Let me take a second to check all those who say that black skin is a curse. Not true. Remember Moses. Well, Moses had a sister named Miriam whom God cursed because she had spoken against Moses. Guess how God cursed Miriam. He cursed her by turning her skin white, making her a leper. Ain’t trying to be racist, but, hey, just saying. If anything, white skin seemed to be cursed. Again, just saying. But for the record, do you want to know what Miriam said or did to get herself a cursing. Well, she got into God’s business by fussing at her brother Moses for marrying a foreign woman. In a way, she was right in that God had warned us not to mix our seed with other people, but it was not for her to chastise Moses for it. Let me tell you something. God loved and favored us so much that He wanted us to remain pure, free from the taint of others outside our tribe. We are God’s special people, a people that He set aside for Himself, but we are too stubborn and hard-headed to get right, and to enjoy the blessings. But God did say that one day He was going to gather us all up. It would be then, after we REPENT, that all our woes will be over. Lastly this. Here is scientific proof that supports unequivocally that we, the so-called black man and black woman in Amerikkka, are the folks in the Bible.