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  1. Good morning. I am still alive and kicking. Just trying to assess whether I'm coming or going which is not new for me. I sometimes have the tendency to lose steam after going full pursuit of some goal. That is my Achilles heel. Add to this the fact that I don't simply have "a bump in the road" when it comes to adversity. I encounter "ROAD BLOCKS". In any event, I must confess that I am in a phase of my life where I am losing faith in everything. How odd is it to age and to realize that your dream really was the impossible one. It is 7 am and I am heading out on a three day road trip to clear
  2. SNAPSHOTS IS A BOOK OF 365 GET UP. GET OUT, AND GET SOMETHING AFFIRMATIONS FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR! GET IT FREE UNTIL MIDNIGHT . https://amzn.to/2GkRuZ7 SNAPSHOT FOR TODAY February 6 Your mind is a garden where you plant the seeds from which your fears grow. You sow them in the top soil of your ignorance, water them with your tears, cultivate them in your heart, and then wait on them to grow big enough to eat you. Ali- Think. Go back. Find your lie or your myth. Each of us has a specific lie or myth that is the instrument of our own
  3. O black woman, do you know who you are? It is you for whom the birds sing when the dawn opens itself for inspection. It is the glow in your eyes that the stars imitate when they sparkle. It is the color of your flava that makes the rainbow dull in comparison, and it is via your beauty that we can physically witness God’s artistry.-Gibran-• O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the secret that only reveals itself when a man is truly ready to experience the joy of having his dream transformed into reality. You are God’s private blessing to men who know what to do within the point betwe
  4. How correct. The courts are dysfunctional. I also agree that prisons serve a function and like Richard Pryor once cracked in one of his comedy routines: "Thank God for the Penitentiary." As much as I hate being locked up, there are certain guys I met while inside, that if i were to see them walking down the street, I would kill them myself and consider it a public service. Certain individuals need to be jailed. On the other hand, there are innocent people inside, not to mention guys who were too harshly penalized. On my last bid for drug conspiracy, I spent ten years in the joint and no drugs
  5. THE GIBRALTAR WRITING STYLE THE WRITER’S EDGE 1 PRELUDE 2 WRITING Let’s take a moment to deal with what I call “the blank page syndrome”. Just what is this syndrome, you ask? Well, it is the transition your book takes from being an actual mental byproduct into becoming an actual physical product, but before you jot down a single, solitary word on paper, you must understand how to bridge this gap between the mental and the physical; this yawning chasm where you will be compelled to make bricks without straw. What process do you employ to fling
  6. Thx. The internet is so many things at one and the same time that it both fascinating and frightening. So far, I have been content to stay in my lane, and don't venture far, but some tell me that being ' cyber cowardly' defeats the purpose of having access; that it was designed as a place 'to let yourself go', but I always get the feeling that I'm being watched. I guess I have read too much stuff about Big Brother who is always watching.
  7. I just saw a news segment about Jay Z and Meek Mill launching the new alliance and it already has star power. Money has been pledged and rich donors, such as the Kraft family who own the Patriots are on board. As a veteran/victim of the criminal justice system, I am elated. However, I have not been absent from this struggle to reform prison. Even now, I am in talks with individuals who are interested in my program, PROJECT UPLIFT, and pushing to secure a grant for the program. It deals with Drug-Dealer Addiction which has never been studied before in great depth so the tenets of the program ar
  8. What did you see? All I saw and read was an article about ghostwriting.. What am I missing?
  9. I have, for quite a long while, admired this woman! It is now, and always has been, hard to describe just how much I truly appreciate this woman's strength and courage. Just thinking of her inspires me.
  10. Wow....These were two 'biggies' from back in the days. James Baldwin was very vocal about social issues as was Sis. Nikki. Thx for posting.
  11. No, the LAW is the LAW. What I infer is that all of us be permitted a seat at the table. I, for one, would not be asking anyone for anything to distinguish themselves, and I don't think there need be any qualifiers. Plus, I was speaking in terms of the Revolution and social change. and not The Awakening. which is a spiritual change/transformation. The call for change is political and social. The LAW, once it is established, is a Way of Life. I think the topic was about how homosexuals fit into the black struggle. The GREAT AWAKENING is not a struggle. It is an EVENT awaiting fruition.
  12. ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... This is one of the very first videos I saw when I first started my study. It is simple and straightforward. Anyway, what I hoped is that all will study to see what it is. The info is out there to either be believed, argued about or dismissed. Do your own research. I just hope that
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