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Most men are not aggressive in putting their ideas on paper: we think in terms of “what if”, and not in terms of “what could be”. To be aggressive would be to put things as they are, and not worry about the outcome. As men we continually struggle with imagination and ego. They do have a place in our lives, but only in small variables—and with a lot of forethought. In life, we must be more than “just men”—we must become “Superman”, and apply every aspect of the term.

You may want to know just who is “Superman”, or what type of powers does he have? Well, to answer that question, one would have to look within, examine what kind of life they lived, and ask, “Have I learned anything from that life? Speaking for myself, I’ve lived a complicated, yet simple life…. I’ve spoken at a lot of places and to many people, reaching to the masses. Nevertheless, I did feel a sense of being complete. That’s important: being complete. No matter what the outcome of any situation is, if you’re not complete, you haven’t finished the job.

At age nine, I figured out a few things that would stick with me for the rest of my life: people will lie, not because they want to but because they can; people are jealous often, don’t ask why—they just are; lastly despite all of that, it’s in the nature of these people to do good. For as long as I can remember, people have affected me in some way or another. If I wasn’t running to the store for them, I was running away from them. As the years went by, the chores changed…. What was once so very simple had soon become complicated.

I took a few steps back and looked things over before jumping in head on. Of course, as time would have it, I’d developed “X-ray vision”: the kind people need to survive out there in the streets. I was out there trying to teach people and at the same time, looking out for all sorts of danger: the danger of drug dealers with guns and hit men; and the danger of the women with keen smiles and sexy ways. Man, I was looking out for anything and anyone that would be a potential threat to me! But all the while, I kept a smile on my face. I kept looking over my shoulders and behind my back, but always kept a smile.

I was a bridge drowning in troubled waters, but you wouldn’t have known it. I was smiling because I knew that danger was near…. I knew that it would never harm me, as long as I wouldn’t pretend that it wasn’t there. Would I test it? Make it come after me? Certainly not! But if it somehow changed its course, rearranged its possibilities and came after me—I would have to be ready. I would have to be on my toes and sharp as a tack! But what could I do? What could I say to prevent what surely was coming my way? I smiled again, but this time for different reasons.

This time, the game would change, and I would become “Superman”….

GOD MATH is author of the extraordinary manifesto, UGLY/BEAUTIFUL: ME. A man of great wisdom beyond belief, GOD MATH is here to educate the masses. Contact GOD MATH at GODMATH@GHETTOHEAT.COM

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