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Spoiler Alert. This is a long ego trip

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Since things have become so hectic around here what with accusations flying and recollections being dredged up and old feuds being revisited, I feel the need to add my voice to the dissonance and clear up a few things. I beg the indulgence of the registered members and thumb my nose at the motley crew of “guests”.

I stumbled upon Thumper's Corner quite by accident about 10 years ago when, as a newbie to the internet, I was surfing around checking out chat rooms. When I first posted here, I used my real first name, but quickly abandoned this option upon realizing this was was an unwise decision. Thereafter I briefly took on the title “Critique” since that seemed to be the role I assumed in my comments. Subsequently deciding that referring to myself as “Critique” was silly and too confining, I announced that I would henceforth refer to myself as “Cynique“, paying homage to the veneer of cynicism that my glazed by persona. I should also mention that way back when I wanted to play April fool jokes on the board, I would take on my “Pandora” identity, posing as the daughter of Cynique who would show up to report dire things that had happened to her mother, on one occasion informing that Cynique had been car-jacked and was hospitalized in a coma.

And speaking of comas, I confess that at one time I was an idealist. But years of observing how hypocrisy and superficiality prevail in the world, I regained consciousness and became a realist. Or did I ever acquire an affinity for maudlin sentimentality designed to induce crocodile tears. Sooo, because I set the bar too high I have become hyper-critical and the only anti-dotes for my toxic skepticism are honest sincerity, genuine intellect, and wit of the droll variety, - traits I find endearing and admirable in people. And what do I bring to the table? Nothing but a propensity for irritating people who are steeped in their opinions and confident of their credibility and inflated with self esteem. Hence, my long history of clashing with Kola Boof.

Deluded though I may be, I like to think of myself as an iconoclast and a contrarian, often taking on the role of a polemist just for the heck of it. What can I say? I’m also a tad eccentric, never really bothered by being thought of as a bitch by my detractors. I am especially amused by how adversaries think that calling me “old” is a put-down that bolsters their rebuttals.

Over time this board has become to me what a blog is to other people, a forum where I share my thoughts and argue my convictions. Not surprising, I have made more enemies than friends here. Most of my favorites are a small circle of women whom I like simply because they are really cool "sistas". Troy is my rock. He puts up with my trouble making, and allows me free reign. He is a savvy upfront guy with a lot of class and I am gratful to him for providing me with a place to stretch out and reach across...

As I bring this unsolicited “mea culpa” to a close, I’ll answer the question that must be on the mind of anyone who reads this. “Who cares”? To this inquiry I reply: “Who cares who cares?” Just STFU. :P

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