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A GREAT new search engine http://DuckDuckGo.com


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A GREAT new search engine http://DuckDuckGo.com

(1) Each domain has only one link returned in the results. If you want multiple results from a single domain. You can click the "site search link" next to the results to get more results from that domain. No single domain dominates an entire page of results.

(2) You'll find only one sponsored link and it is very clearly labeled. Sponsors links do not dominate the most prominent area of the search results page. Visitors get answers not commercials.

(3) If you want Wikipedia results just type !w at the end of your query and you will be taken directly to Wikipedia. These "bang" queries are available for other popular sites !a for Amazon !g for Google (which is really more of a eCommerce site than a search engine), etc.

(4) Official websites are list listed first and denoted as being his "Official Site".

(5) This should have been listed 1st, DuckDuckGo does NOT track you rsearches. Read this: http://donttrack.us/ (it is brilliant).  No lame excuses (lies) explaining that your searches are tracked to bring you better search results or better advertisements.   

Returning good search results quickly is very difficult but DuckDuckGo.com looks like it is up for the challenge and is able to do so with any observable bias in it results.  The results do not skew toward big corporations, or scandalous content  -- I'm actually excited about this new search engine!  

This is not paid commercial, but DuckDuckGo.com is the first viable alternative to Google that I've seen since Google joined the dark side of the Force.

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