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Get $100 Worth of Free Advertising With Google AdWords

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I have 20 coupons, for $100 of free advertising with Google Ad Words.  You need to spend $25 to get the $100.




Some of you may know I've been on a rant lately about Google's impact on the world wide web -- both good and bad.  Please do not take this as an blanket endorsement of Google, for it is not.


What it is, is $100 in free advertising.. 


If you ever wanted to experiment with placing online advertisements using with Google's AdWords here is your chance.  You are only risking $25 (less than the price of AALBC.com's least expensive ad) to learn a few things and maybe even help generate extra business by attracting more visitors to your website.


If you are interested, I also offer consulting services to help you set up your advertising.  If you want to use one of these coupons just email me at troy@aalbc.com and I'll send you the coupon code -- just don't let the $100 go to waste by not using the coupon after I send you the code. 


You may also call my office directly at 347-692-2522 to obtain the code

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