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2Leaf Press - Needs Your Support

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When a capitalist country such as ours implements austerity measures under the weird pseudonym "sequestration," one of the first cuts besides social services occurs among the non-profit sector. Due to this reality, The Intercultural Alliance of Artists & Scholars, Inc. (IAAS), a NY-based nonprofit organization, has been denied a major grant it needs in order for its publishing entity, 2Leaf Press, a multicultural independent press of poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction, has been hit hard.


In order for it to maintain its publishing of dynamic list of books, it needs to rely on the generosity of the community it serves. At a time when presses dedicated to preserving the literary and artistic legacy of writers and artists of color who challenge a culture that would rather shut its government down than pay decent wages, provide social services, making housing and higher education affordable, and above all, provide decent health care for its citizenry, more and more the community must come together—as we have countless times in the past (and present) with rent parties and such, to cull our resources in order to sustain one another.


I am asking you humbly to please, if you can, make a donation of what ever amount is comfortable for you, in order for 2Leaf Press, a NYC-based, multicultural small press "with big ideas," to sustain itself in this difficult time. Donations can be sent to FUNDLY. Below is a video message from 2Leaf Press publisher, Gabrielle David, giving you a sense of 2Leaf Press and its mission. Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and please share this message with your social networks and beyond.



Tony Medina,
author of "Broke Baroque" (2Leaf Press, 2013).


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