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A Captivating Intro to African-American History For Young Adults


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New Book "On The Shoulders of Giants" is a Captivating Introduction to African American History For Young Adults




Brooklyn, NY (June 23, 2013) -- Using a blend of compelling characters and events, On the Shoulders of Giants by Orey Brockington, III (Brockington Enterprise, June 2013), is a must read for young adults interested in learning about the dramatic events and heroes of African-American history, and a superb choice for social studies teachers and school libraries.


Brockington's rich but concise narrative recalls both tragic and heroic events in African-American history from the 1600's to the present. Additionally, the book offers young adults and middle-school students of African-American heritage an invaluable lesson about self-love.

"In light of the violence, poverty, and all too often failing schools pervasive in African-American communities," says Brockington. "On the Shoulders of Giants will enlighten some and remind others of the pivotal events in the history of the struggles and sacrifices African-Americans have made to advance civil rights."


Brockington's poignant - but straightforward narrative - relates the stories of the heroes who selflessly fought for freedom, civil rights, and a life of opportunity for their children. The author never succumbs to sentimentality, which makes the book ever more powerful.


Inspired by "growing suicide rates, depression, and an education system that is failing our children," explains Brockington, his book is intended to help readers to apply the lessons of the past to help them overcome problems and to be inspired and empowered about their own futures. On the Shoulders of Giants serves as an invaluable resource for educators in an educational environment that overwhelmingly glosses over, or ignores, African-American history.

About the Author:
Naturally motivated and proactive, the Grambling State University-educated Orey Brockington, III has always been busy making positive contributions to society. When Brockington sees a need, he tries to help fill it. His industrious nature has led to many successes and the launching of new projects. He has used his instinctual innovation and marketing experience to reach a universal audience through his products. The New York native currently resides in Brooklyn, where he serves as an influential mentor by way of his community service and church related activities.

On the Shoulders of Giants is available through Amazon.

About the Book:
On the Shoulders of Giants by Orey Brockington, III
Published by: Brockington Enterprises
ISBN: 978-0-9895019-0-3
Pages: 80
Price: $19.99
Pub Date: June 2013

Orey Brockington III
(917) 653-0088

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