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Keisha’s Mama Is So Fine – Free Limited Time

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Keisha’s Mama Is So Fine – Free Limited Time


Someone in high school always had a mother that drove the teenage boys wild and in Derrick Lacy’s school it was Janice Thompson. Janice was the mother of his childhood friend Keisha, who was a cheerleader. All the other boys would ask who Janice was when she came to sporting events and Derrick would tell them she was Keisha’s mama. The other boys would respond with, “Keisha’s Mama Is So Fine.” Sixteen years later Derrick found himself in a most unusual situation with Janice who was a still beautiful fifty year old woman and he was a thirty-three year old man. As they looked into each others’ eyes would they cross that line that would transform Janice from being his childhood friend Keisha’s mother into his adult lover?





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