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  1. Living In The Age Of White Reparations - Caged Migrant Children, Kneeling Athletes & White Supremacy – Free Limited Time - https://amzn.to/2KkbrhO
  2. Troy there is some kind of redirect going on, but it is only happening on aalbc. I posted the same link on facebook and another site and it goes to my book on amazon. It happened on my new post also for Chocoholic. I put my website address in and it tried to redirect, but then went to my website.
  3. Chocoholic - Guilty of Loving A Black Man - Free Limited Time! D T Pollard - 65th available title celebration! http://bookexpressonline.com
  4. Trump - Nixon on Steroids - Stay Woke – Available Now! http://bookexpressonline.com
  5. A Black Man In Trump's Crime Infested Ghetto http://pollardpost.blogspot.com/2017/01/a-black-man-in-trumps-crime-infested.html
  6. Trump – Plutocracy & Apartheid USA – Available now! http://amzn.to/2hPx0sT
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  13. Here I am back on this forum after finishing another 6 month work assignment of 10 hour days for 6 days per week. That work schedule leaves me too drained for anything else, but food and rest. Yet as I come back I viewed videos of 2 men shot and killed like rabid dogs in the streets by those sworn to protect us, one in Louisiana and one in Minnesota. This is the most disturbed I have felt in years since it seems that even the most mundane encounter with the wrong police officer can end in your death. http://pollardpost.blogspot.com/2016/07/are-we-all-just-another-nier-to-some.html
  14. On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr National Holiday, Snitchingon expresses views on the state of black America 48 years after Dr. King's last birthday before he was struck down by an assassin's bullet.
  15. What Would Dr King Think About Today's Black America-Free Limited Time! http://amzn.to/1n6qaRe
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