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The Sheridan Hope Thrillers

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Contact: Demetrius Sherman



Sherlock Holmes-like Black Detective in The Sheridan Hope Thrillers


The Sheridan Hope Thrillers is  on  Amazon. It is an ebook collection of thrillers by Demetrius Sherman featuring Sheridan Hope, a  modern  black Brit  Sherlock Holmes.


Sheridan Hope joins Easy Rawlins and other black detectives created by African American writers. Sheridan Hope though, has a good measure of thrills in its mystery.


The cases of Sheridan Hope  are a missing inventor, a creature killing then disappearing and a martial arts expert no one has survived.


“Suspenseful...in the tradition of Sherlock Holmes from Demetrius Sherman. Let us hope that we will see more of Sheridan Hope.” Mike Hogan, author of Sherlock Holmes and Young Winston: The Jubilee Plot


We have had Alex Cross, Virgil Tibbs and other brilliant black detectives. Now we have The Sheridan Hope Thrillers.


Read a sample chapter at:  http://www.amazon.com/Sheridan-Hope-Thrillers-Demetrius-Sherman-ebook/dp/B00GI6CJ2C


Demetrius Sherman  is creator of  detectives  Sheridan Hope and  Peter Sunday. Peter Sunday is a hard-boiled  private investigator in  the vampire tale, Dark Hunger. Other works by Demetrius Sherman includes Shooting the Moon and Other Stories—a collection  of  humorous, dramatic  and bizarre tales. All available on Amazon.




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