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  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7/1314 Contact: Demetrius Sherman shermandemetrius@gmail.com Fourth Sheridan Hope Thriller: The Trophy Room The Trophy Room Case is the second thriller in Volume 2 of Demetrius Sherman's Sheridan Hope series. In this story, Dr. Sacker, Hope's friend, faces more danger than he ever has. Sheridan Hope isn't around to bring in a vicious killer. With no detective experience, and with no help from the police, Dr. Sacker attempts to locate and expose a knife-slashing maniac. . The Sheridan Hope Thrillers is an updated version of
  2. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Demetrius Sherman shermandemetrius@gmail.com NOVELLA MIXES THE BUSINESS WORLD WITH THE VAMPIRE WORLD Dark Hunger is a story of vampires in business suits Or Bernie Madoff as Vampire. The ebook thriller, by Demetrius Sherman, is available on Amazon. The protagonist of Dark Hunger is private investigator Peter Sunday. Sunday is an hard-boiled ex-cop. He isn't Sherlock Holmes, but he never quits no matter what he runs into. His partner is young and athletic Tony Grey. Sunday loves helping the people of Chicago and he takes cas
  3. this is weird story. I think authors might take notice.
  4. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Demetrius Sherman shermandemetrius@gmail.com Sherlock Holmes-like Black Detective in The Sheridan Hope Thrillers The Sheridan Hope Thrillers is on Amazon. It is an ebook collection of thrillers by Demetrius Sherman featuring Sheridan Hope, a modern black Brit Sherlock Holmes. Sheridan Hope joins Easy Rawlins and other black detectives created by African American writers. Sheridan Hope though, has a good measure of thrills in its mystery. The cases of Sheridan Hope are a missing inventor, a creature killing then disappear
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