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The Obituary Of Gut Bucket Johnson – I Ain’t Dead Yet - Free Limited Time

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The Obituary Of Gut Bucket Johnson – I Ain’t Dead Yet - Free Limited Time


Roland “Gut Bucket” Johnson walked into a church and stopped his own funeral with a copy of his obituary in his hand. Roland walked out with his formerly grieving wife, Velma, in his arms. Roland was a throwback of a man, hard drinking, hard fighting and woman chasing. Although they loved each other, neither  Roland or Velma expected each other to be faithful if they were apart for long periods of time, but Roland had a special problem resisting tasting the fruits of ratchet women regardless of their or his marital status. Roland decided he needed to confront the demons that chased him.  Roland came to a crossroads where his future, present and past all caught up with him at the same time. Emotions were raw, anger exploded and blood was shed in an exhibition of sudden violence. Would Roland “Gut Bucket“ Johnson survive because death would visit as men fought for their lives and future?




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