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Iconic Poet & Author Mari Evans Turns 95!

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Indianapolis based poet Mari Evans made 95 on July 16


See kwansaba below & attached w/photo of Mari, Maya & EBR from 1985.


Mari Evans' Workswomanship: A Kwansaba for Her 95th Birthday


Poeting throne & shackle's seesaw ntu utile

dulci, "I am a Black Woman" rescued

images from dish water, floors and pimp-

stained flicks of fare. It was easy as

grief. Needy as respite. Renew-able

as dues-tithing blues. New bardic--&

goddess-built--doorway of our (!yes) return.




Maya Aneglou, Mari Evans (seated) and Eugene B. Redmon


This photo was taken in 1985 at Maya's home in Winston-Salem, NC. It was provided courtesy of Eugene B. Redmond, and is one of hundreds of thousands of photos, books, letters, mags, newspapers, pieces of regalia, art works & other memorabilia in the Eugene B. Redmond Collection at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (www.siue.edu).

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Guest RIH Mari Evans!

Thank you for your wisdom, the legacy and power of your words. We thank God for your life and love you shared with the world. #IAmABlackWoman #WellDone #RestwiththeAngels

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