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Video - Literary Agent Manie Barron talks about the author's responsibilitiy


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Manie Barron, Partner of the Menza Barron Agency, speaks about the roles and responsibilties of the literary agent and author at the National Black Book Conference, sponsored by CushCity.com in Houston TX.

This just took place 3:30PM CST

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Dear Mr Barron, everything you just said, in the video I just watched, happened to me.I was in prison when I wrote my first book(The Thang That Ate My Grandaddys Dog) in 1997 (Google:The Rainey Redemption Orlando Sentinel 2002).The book was reviewed by,amonst others,the Washington post,and sold 3000 copies in hardback before going out of print in 2003,at which time the rights,which were never sold,reverted to me.And I had no idea what to do with them.And still don't, really.You see, I thought everything would take care of itself,it was a successful (modestly successful) book,and I thought everything would just happen.What I naively assumed was that they were looking out for my interest,too.I know better now.I know that no matter what they did,or didn't do,I should have continued to seek some form of representation.Instead I cussed all publishers to hell,and quit writing.Well,not totally.I can't help it.I'm always writing inside my head,and it seems the only time I get it out and down on paper is when I'm in prison.Which is why I'm desperate to do something with the rights to my first book and working on a new one(The Boy Who Read Moby Dick).And maybe,just maybe,I can stay out of jail for at least a year.Thank you for listening.calvin6551@gmail.com

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